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Gansu the medicinal material in treatment of a peasant who cultivates or collect
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Gansu of the Gansu Province material of 2000 many Chinese traditional medicine machines the county on the west the dot depends on accurate market information, the Chinese traditional medicine that machines famous raise the four seas not only prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction, the prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction that returns will profound treatment exports the foreign market such as Japan, Korea, price of the medicinal material in driving entire county thereby rises substantially this year, landed dangshen and price of the root of remembranous milk vetch compare January portion Gansu on the west on year the corresponding period rose one times, material of entire county Chinese traditional medicine trades prosperous. Clinched a deal 2006 the forehead amounts to 700 million yuan,

Gansu on the west an in relief He Wenfeng of the county market of lumber of two Chinese traditional medicine is the Chinese traditional medicine with the biggest northwest lumber market, year trade the Chinese traditional medicine of 600 breed such as dangshen, the root of remembranous milk vetch material 170 thousand tons. Although Chinese traditional medicine material sale is very big, but the crude drug that sells as a result of the farmer does not have treatment, gain profit lesser. Prefectural a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs is in Gansu on the west each old drug city promotes the whole nation in medicinal material process, the Chinese traditional medicine that discovers treatment material gain is big, learn medicinal material processing technique, buy treatment equipment, popularize in great quantities in entire county. Government of county Party committee, county guides Gansu energetically on the west, give aid to entire county processing factory of material of 46 large Chinese traditional medicine, drive entire county many 2000 a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs processes a medicinal material. As Chinese traditional medicine material machines dimensions to expand ceaselessly, appear on the market the amount is larger and larger. Gansu on the west the fame of material of prefectural Chinese traditional medicine is noisier and noisier also, the Gansu of permanent of many 2000 druggist that attracts and other places of Sichuan, Guangdong buys Chinese traditional medicine on the west material. Now, a variety of 10 Chinese traditional medicine such as the root of remembranous milk vetch that prefectural a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs machines Gansu on the west, dangshen material, the old drug city of the 10 many provinces such as popular Heibei, Sichuan, entire county year treatment changes capable person of of all kinds Chinese traditional medicine 22 thousand tons, production value 200 million yuan, implementation profit tax 30 million yuan. Medicinal material bibcock machines an enterprise to extend export way in,

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