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30 years of accumulative total process fierce petrifaction congratulatory go int
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Chinese network news (He Jun of reporter of reporter week pliable but strong) 1977, wuhan is petro-chemical factory building put into production, be apart from today already 30 years. 21 days, fierce petrifaction company celebrates put into production 30 years.

Fierce petrifaction is the first modern refinery of our city, fill contemporary oil machines Wuhan industrial blank, indicating Wuhan petrochemical industry is whole of the system build. Come 30 years, accumulative total processes crude oil 65.8 million tons, achieve sales revenue 116 billion yuan, profit tax is close 10 billion yuan.

Recently, in Pulaihan announces Wangtian of Su Shulin of petrifaction general manager, president, wuhan 800 thousand tons / year ethylene project start working. After city of afterwards iron and steel, car city, smooth cereal city, contemporary refine changes an oversize the industry of unifinication will rise in Wuhan northeast. The integral competition ability of this advanced to raising Wuhan manufacturing industry, stimulative region economy coordinates development, drive Wuhan city circle and mid economy to rise abruptly, will produce inestimable historical effect.

Wang Shouhai of the leader that visit town, Tu Yong, Yang Fuhua attends congratulatory plenary meeting.

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