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The index of wheat flour safety that I save treatment company to produce amounts
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Liu Jia of reporter of report from our correspondent reports on December 6, supervisory bureau of province quality technology bloats to saving wheat flour and sauce completely the product quality of food production company is supervised selectived examination to undertake a bulletin as a result, the index of wheat flour safety that I save treatment company to produce amounts to mark entirely.

It is reported, this second selectived examination the 44 batch product that 38 enterprises of 12 areas such as Shenyang, Dalian produce, the product is eligible 30 batch, product sampling percent of pass is 68.1% . Among them: Sampling percent of pass of wheat flour product is 76.5% , sauce bloats food product sampling percent of pass is 62.9% . Selective examination to show as a result, index of wheat flour safety all amounts to mark, the capacity of wheat flour total constitution that shows I save an enterprise to produce is safe. The main unqualified item that selectives examination to mirror instead as a result is: The information that wet gluten does not amount to mark and label designation is not complete. And sauce bloats food product quality drops, control the outcome that selective examination this relatively sauce bloated last year 93.8% have food product sampling percent of pass to drop considerably, sauce bloats agent of the antiseptic in food product, sweet taste and label project all appear unqualified.

The province pledges inspect bureau expresses about responsible comrade, wheat flour and sauce bloat dish is common people the main consumption food in daily life, these products are put in quality problem, the health that affects customer directly. Henceforth, complete province pledges inspect branch helps actor up to govern of low quality, right better business in selectiving examination undertake praise and be propagandisted, guide social health to consume, give to unqualified enterprise and product public exposure. In the meantime, strengthen later period to handle the work, increase investigate strength.

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