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The Ministry of Agriculture is in build hold fruit vegetables processing techniq
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Produce of Ministry of Agriculture is machined (fruit vegetables dehydrate is machined) special technology grooms the class was held in Guiyang a few days ago. The Ministry of Agriculture plans to design academy Zhang Liqun's engineer to give lessons, demonstrative enterprise of ” of project of promotion of product line of drying of vegetables of 3 “ fruit is grooming experience of this project skill introduces on the class. Save 26 town enterprises to be in charge of sectional delegate and 66 produce to machine industry technology personnel to attend completely groom.

” of project of promotion of product line of drying of “ fruit vegetables is policy of national Ministry of Agriculture gives aid to project, machine at 3 produce are being saved in me at the beginning of this year promotion demonstrates in the enterprise, solving cycle of drying of green food raw material cost of manpower of long, specific power consumption tall, character is not equal difficult problem respect, obtained favorable result. Introduce according to 3 demonstrative enterprises, efficiency of production of product line of fruit vegetables drying rises 400% , cost of specific power consumption is reduced 30% to 60% , colour and lustre of stoving raw material is even, character is stable, moisture control realizes standardization, cost of chili raw material is reduced 12% the left and right sides.

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