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European Union iron and steel machines an enterprise to think: Steely to China w

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Austria " economic daily " report, consortium of European equipment manufacturing industry and Austrian machinery and metallic industry association object European Union committee consistently starting capable person of make friends of flat of iron and steel of metal of plating of hot to Chinese entrance dip turn over a dumping to investigate a program. Chairman of association of metal of consortium of European equipment manufacturing industry, mr Andreas Moehlenkamp says, the European Union wants to punish a Chinese with this, as a warning to others, but, they choose a fault title.

European iron and steel machines an enterprise to think, the low price that causes malcontent Chinese steely product, its are not a dumping constitutionally. Price of Chinese steely product is low result from Chinese raw material, labour force and the sources of energy the price of these factor of production is extremely low. China has exported steely product to add to its impose the export custom duty of 15% , so that export product price apparent prep above its home price.

China changes his already clearly to export the strategy, outcome the product is changed downstream to industrial catenary, want to promote the export of deep treatment product energetically. The steely treatment company of the European Union is afraid, the castigatory sex custom duty of the European Union may accentuate this kind of trend. Mr Moehlenkamp thinks, european Union iron and steel machines an enterprise to already faced unusually intense international competition originally, european Union committee gives enterprise reproducing other troubles even now. In European iron and steel treatment industry involves station of 7 million work, and steel-making course of study of Europe from personnel of course of study only 300 thousand person.

The steel-making course of study that this is an Europe with the whole world the most expensive price sells its product, get the period of profit of high specified number, should pair of European steel-making course of study do not create the problem that damages menace, mr Moehlenkamp thinks, alleged turn over a dumping, would rather say, it is steel-making course of study wants to make its gain the biggest change.

Mr Moehlenkamp thinks, trade is processed in iron and steel, 60% what cost of material holds the price, it is the main factor that decides company competition ability, their client, for example: Auto industry enterprise, will not accept higher price. So people will not abandon using Chinese rolled steel. (Lu Wei)

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