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The our city increases rural food to machine an enterprise to superintend streng

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Supervised a know from city sanitation recently, the company of rural food treatment that passes 2 months is special punish activity, severity hit rustic food to produce all sorts of illegal action in management process, the production that makes food of our city country processes a business manages behavior to get effective dimensions, aggrandizement food is mixed from the food safety consciousness of personnel of course of study legal consciousness, the wholesome quality of the product is able to rise further.

To raise an our city department of urban and rural union and food of two counties villages and towns produce the wholesome condition that processes a business, its produce the standard management behavior, promote the wholesome quality of its product, city sanitation supervisory place had two counties of pair of our city on August 20, 2007 39 villages and towns and company of treatment of food of department of urban and rural union had 4 areas by a definite date the special inspection of 2 months. The key of the examination is enterprise sanitation licence of the wholesome state in process of distribution of technological process of the circumstance that hold card, check-up from personnel of course of study and wholesome state, production, facilities, wholesome establishment, treatment, raw material purchase the card that reach all alone, finished product examine reach circumstance of the label that pack to wait.

Check cooked food processing factory this in all 4 the home, brewery factory of 3 the home, brew 4 the home, commissariat and its goods processing factory processing factory of 7 the home, bean products factory of 8 the home, beverage processing factory of 5 the home, cake factory of 5 the home, health food Home L. From the examination the result looks, commissariat treatment business is overall the case is better, existence of health food factory exceeds permissive limits to manage, basically be to produce the health care that distribute approves without national service to taste; The packing label of brewery and product of beverage factory existence and manual exaggerate phonily conduct propaganda; Facilities of processing factory of brew factory, bean products and production of existence of cake processing factory pallet, position is unreasonable wait for a problem; Widespread presence defends unripe consciousness from personnel of course of study not strong, not card of all alone of check-up mount guard, raw material the wholesome condition in process of not complete, treatment is poorer etc, individual unit existence exceeds an amount, exceed limits to use additive agent for food, use blame food raw material, super- period food, false tag the problem such as manufacturing date. Be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, execute the law personnel in all deadline of make known to lower levels rectifies and reform opinion book 39, mix badly to violating a clue expire to be not rectified and reform reach after rectifying and reform still 11 enterprises that short of sanitation asks give amerce, close down is rectified wait for administrative punishment, add up to fine RMB one 10 thousand Wu Baiyuan is whole, confiscate unqualified food nearly 80 kilograms. Henceforth, the wholesome supervisory management that wholesome supervisory branch will continue to increase food of pair of rural villages and towns to process a business and food sanitation knowledge publicize strength, promote its to produce conditional improvement, improve the wholesome quality of rural food stage by stage.

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