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The official crosses a region industrial and commercial bureau machines an enter

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Cross the arrangement deploy of district government according to the official, industrial and commercial bureau takes Guan Du area actively measure, 7 units such as bureau of substation of the group of associated area fire control, bureau that bring watch, construction bureau, public security, qualitative inspect substation, environmental protection are right area under administration of Guan Du area 10 villages and towns (street agency) all involving the safe production of company of sponge production, treatment, .

This action last a period of time 4 days. To whole area 46 companies that involve sponge treatment, production undertook propagandist education and examination. In the examination, staff of each member unit divides the work by duty, fulfil obligation seriously, each doing his own job, execute the law strictly, in all the spot is banned without (card) according to the enterprise 7, deadline of make known to lower levels removes advice note 39. 46 companies can cooperate actively to check, express to support governmental job, undertake removing by the requirement.

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