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Japan strengthens the monitoring that in be opposite, homebred asparagus and its

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The monitoring examination that Japan strengthens pair of China to produce asparagus and its treatment to taste

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On November 30, 2007, province of deep unripe work gives out Japan announcement: Recently, quarantine place discovers after monitoring examination, homebred asparagus disobeyed Food Sanitation Law in. For this, to undermentioned food, the examination that checks to the monitoring of rudimental pesticide frequency rises 30% , find out this kinds of food to disobey Food Sanitation Law whether likely thereby.

1 object food

Homebred asparagus and its treatment are tasted in (be confined to is machined simply)

2 examinations project reachs examination frequency

(1) to already when fish violates the asparagus entrance that compasses enterprise exports to declare, withhold goods please, and execute the own examination about laborious sulfur phosphor to importer

(2) produce asparagus and its treatment to taste to China, will about rudimental pesticide (contain laborious sulfur phosphor) the examination frequency that monitoring checks raises 30 % .


1 the name of an article: Refrigerant food is absorbed after heating (before freezing, did not heat) asparagus

2 production country: China

3 examinations result: Laborious sulfur phosphor 0.03ppm (mark fiducial value: 0.02ppm)

4 quarantine place: Osaka quarantine place (declare date: The 61014384630th 2 column)

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