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Begin food to produce treatment company special inspection

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Recently, organization of bureau of qualitative inspect of clever stone county developed mineral water of limited company of science and technology of biology of factory of flour of stone of processing factories of pair of day stone food, day, blue sky, Jin Wangquan the special supervisory inspection of 4 big companies of finite liability company. Key examination is link of origin of its raw material, routine inspection test, wholesome label of state, product, tag, whether to have the food action that exceeds do sth without authorization of the limits that get card to produce treatment other category, breed to already executed manufacturing licence to manage, and whether to exist impure and adulterate, with pretend to be true, shoddy, pretend to be the illegal behavior of eligible food with unqualified food, after the examination concerns the bulletin the section as a result, instruct to the enterprise of existence problem rectify, deadline is rectified and reform. (Zhang Xiaoyun)

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