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Shenzhen city production machined link food safety 2007 special punish selective

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For cogent raise level of safety of sanitation of quality of whole town food, ensure citizen edible health is safe, since August, according to country, province, city various product quality is mixed food safety is special punish action deploy, what city pledges inspect bureau organization developed the of all kinds food that produces treatment to the our city is special selective examination the job. Report concerned case as follows now: One, selective examination result this second selectived examination in all the 3299 batch food that production of 657 companies of whole town processes sample, percent of pass is 90.8 % , the percent of pass of before comparing punish 87.5 % increased 3.3 percent. Selective examination the product involves oil of vegetable of rice area products, edible, soy, eat vinegar, cake, candied, meat drinking water of outfit of goods, bucket, beer, jelly, dairy produce, bean products, dressing, sauce bloats dish, convenient food. Selective examination to show as a result, through special punish, the of all kinds food that our city production processes selectives examination percent of pass rises apparently, ability of safeguard of quality of standard of bigger, management, product produces whole town dimensions by force safety maintains the food quality that processes a business in higher level. Of the food such as the face of food of face of rice of grandma of the flour with citizen more consumption, liquid state, quick-freeze, confiture, convenient rice, beverage that contain milk-like liquid, fruit juice beverage, beer selective examination percent of pass all achieves 100 % , the food quality state such as oil of vegetable of food of rice, roasted seeds and nuts, edible is better, selective examination percent of pass achieves 98.9 % , 95.7 % , 94.1 % respectively. 2, main problem (one) the coliform organisms in partial provision microbial exceed mark to selective examination this have 5 batch bulk bean products and the coliform organisms of refrigerant drink exceeds 1 batch mark, gross of bacterium colony of 1 batch bean products exceeds bid. GB2711-2003 " blame ferment sexual bean products reachs gluten sanitation level " regulation, coliform of bulk bean products group should ≤150MPN/100g, bacterium colony gross should ≤100000cfu/g, the fabaceous silk product that industrial limited company produces Shenzhen city green harbor selectives examination 3 times continuously unqualified, selective examination this the value of actual measurement of bacterium colony gross of fabaceous silk exceeds national level 4 times. Coliform of food of 1 batch ice cream group actual measurement value is 2.4×103 MPN/100mL, and GB 2759.1-2003 " standard of refrigerant drink sanitation " the regulation contains lacteal protein the coliform of refrigerant drink group should ≤450MPN/100mL. Microbial project exceeded mark to mirror food to get pollution in producing a course, partial provision produces an enterprise to did not develop strict routine inspection test, quality sanitation level of management remains to rise. The cause that cause: It is an enterprise manufacturing management is lax, environmental sanitation is poor, alexipharmic sterilization measure does not reach the designated position, equipment is cleaned sordid or existence blind angle, cause microbial breed; 2 it is company production staff the demand that does not handle a standard by sanitation has production; 3 it is former complementary makings or the pollution of the material that pack. (2) the additive in partial provision exceeds mark additive agent for food to exceed mark to use is an enterprise normally to reduce cost, extend product expiration period painstakingly or improve the special flavor such as food quality, sweet, flavour and cause. Company of partial food production did not press national level GB2760 - 1996 " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " the use that the regulation controls the additive agent for food such as agent of antiseptic, sweet taste, colorant strictly. GB2760 - 1996 " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " check is not gotten to had given acyl of oxidation benzene armour in setting pink of ground rice, river, check is not gotten to give An Saimi, benzoic acid or Shan Li sick at heart in bean products, check is not gotten to give benzoic acid in fleshy products. Selective examination this to had given acyl of oxidation benzene armour in the check in ground rice of 1 batch bulk, the check in products of 2 batch meat gives benzoic acid, in having 1 batch bean products, at the same time check gives An Saimi, benzoic acid and hill pear sick at heart. The value of hill pear acerbity actual measurement that has 1 batch cake is 1.1g/kg, and national level sets acid content of cake Zhongshan pear to answer ≤1.0g/kg. (3) the GB2762-2005 exceeding bid such as the nitrite in a few food, heavy metal " set limit to of the contaminant in food " set limit to of the nitrite in providing fleshy product is 3mg/kg, content of the aluminium in area products should ≤100mg/kg. Selective examination this value of actual measurement of the nitrite in having product of 1 batch flesh is 12mg/kg, value of aluminous content actual measurement is 3.2×10 in cake of 1 batch bulk
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