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" food of supermarket spot treatment manages a standard " will come on stage

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After the food that supermarket spot processes sets the expiration period beforehand more than, should seasonable destroy by melting or burning; Operator must not change the expiration period; Expire undertake below the case that the destroy by melting or burning of food ought to have a record in supermarket interior. Yesterday, chief discloses related Chinese chain management association, draft by this association " food of supermarket spot treatment manages a standard " (normative ”) of “ of the following abbreviation already finished feedback opinion to collect recently, awaiting Department of Commerce to evaluate. After “ normative ” is promulgated, treatment of certain supermarket spot

Chief discloses related Chinese chain management association, in “ normative ” besides making a demand to food expiration period, the renting bar that still asks the supermarket runs food, affiliation bar, should implement the same standard that supermarket oneself administers. “ is told objectively, business already battalion is supermarket management square strong point, but to spot treatment food management lacks experience relatively however. Yang Xiaoyan indicates the chief inspector of quality of content beautiful group that ” participates in the standard that draft, current, because market demand increases, provision of supermarket spot treatment is more complex on industry state government, also be vacant all the time on superintendency standard, lack manages a basis. “ should set make and henceforth execute, it is the supermarket satisfies a customer the foundation of safe to food demand, supermarket management just can ask strictly through this regulation from personnel of course of study, behavior of normative operation. ”(Reporter Yang Xun)

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