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" special provision " apply formally whether complete exterminate black treatmen

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Deepen safely as national punish food, this year in July, " the special provision that the State Council manages about strengthening the product safety such as food to supervise " apply formally, increased the condemnatory strength that violates a case to food.

" special provision " the behavior of strict generator, operator is normative, increase the condemnatory strength of pair of illegal behavior: Emphasize generator, operator must be engaged in manufacturing management activity according to statutory requirement, requirement; Investment of the raw material that reiterates generator produces product place to use, complementary makings, additive, agriculture is tasted, must regulation of be good law, administrative regulations and national mandatory standard; Build examination of replenish onr's stock to check and accept a system; Build product recall system; Build the record system of pair of illegal behavior; Manage a blame illegally to forming to perhaps be produced, sell the crime such as blame of false and inferior commodity, must investigate criminal duty lawfully.

In the meantime, " special provision " in still stipulating government of people of place of prefectural class above supervises management to work in product safety, be in charge of; Aggrandizement superintends the job between the branch to join, prevent mutual shuffle; Gift superintendency division system stops, the necessary influence that investigates illegal action.

The reporter sees in interview, illegal enterprise offends a country mandatory formulary phenomenon is not rarely seen. Personnel of customs officer of haing city qualitative prison is in the path area group treatment of two office bean products selects rural area of force country city the discovery in the examination, dot of treatment of bean products of this two office is intolerably dirty, industrial caustic soda is used in treatment, still discovered lemon is yellow etc forbidden the pigment that is added in bean products.

In August, sanitation of Harbin city animal is supervised examine street of pond of money of city talk outskirt hunts down place Harbin be suspected of selling gang of pork of die in one's bed. In the spot, execute the law personnel on the spot capture is suspected of the pork of die in one's bed, pork without quarantine more than 10000 kilograms, seize experience case personnel 20 more than person, buckle escort in transportation to send pork size car nearly 10. Supervise according to animal sanitation examine be executed the law personnel introduction, the gang that has an organization so changes pork of management die in one's bed to interlink a site, it is Heilongjiang what the province uncovers at present is the biggest. As we have learned, this gang was formed with the Great Northern Wilderness of ” of pork of so-called “ northeast farmhouse, “ two inn of ” of cold fresh pork are core radiate the gang type of bed of this street booth interlinks a site. Inside butcher's, send out the pork of peculiar smell piles ground, windowsill to go up. Execute the law personnel is preliminary the pork that concludes pile already became yellow and fan of piggy costal region come from be not normal death pig or pig of die in one's bed.

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