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Become the 20 sale essential factor of market of big recreational provision
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Preface: Equal opportunity of recreational food market

Walk into a supermarket to be able to see potato when us piece, shrimp, the recreational food a superb collection of beautiful things such as plum of snow cake, preserved fruit, word, earthnut, pine nut, almond, happy fruit, slices of fish meat, flesh doing, pack novel, vogue, and of consumer buying is in an endless stream more, recreational food already became today's consumption to be bestowed favor on newly sadly.

Size of market of our country recreational food already achieved 30 billion yuan or so 2007. Although market growth is rapid, but our country is average his consumption is 22.6 grams only, far the consumption level that consumes 2.7 kilogram under developed country average per capita. Administrative levels of big, spending abounds population base of China, recreational food is brewing a lot of new market opportunities, consumptive potential is tremendous.

However, observe from another level because lie fallow,we discover food sort is various, market of recreational food industry is spent centrally not tall, before entire industry 10 strong companies are held only 3 into sale portion. In Korea sales volume very small pumpkin seeds, almond, now is the recreational food with consumer most edible of China, the recreational food intention that indicates Chinese consumer still keeps the initial stage that be in. Recreational food market still lies complete condition, without the leader, far did not form like convenient cover, the market structure that the food category forestall such as edible oil and beverage competes. To company of numerous and recreational food, market equal opportunity, whether make big market scale quickly, basically depend on understand and hold of the domain to this market.

Become the 20 sale essential factor of market of big recreational provision

Although the price of recreational food has a few yuan of money only mostly, but the —— of recreational food brand that had produced 3 sales volume to reach 1 billion dollar in the brand of global snacks market is stereo fragile, amusement and taste a guest. The man that also fostered superior beautiful, happy event in market of Chinese recreational food, can write down than flourishing of gram, flourishing, Xu Fu, the numerous and well-known trademark such as be in harmony of be in harmony.

Current, the business that China produces recreational food already was amounted to tens of 10 thousand, because recreational food manufacturing industry attributes the trade with open higher rate, although measure of foreign capital industry is not much, hold market of our country recreational food to exceed the sales revenue of half the number and profit amount however. A lot of inside endowment the step forwarding that the company grows however before huge market opportunity dimension difficult, why? The author thinks, what we lack is main not be capital, not be equipment, also not be the market, control capacity to the overall control of integrated sale however. Combinative author feeds moral job plan and experience of market actual combat 15 years, adduce 20 sale essential factor that become big market dimensions here in the light of recreational food market, think together with everybody and share:
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