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Public praise sale: Of a paragraph of fancy and interesting story circulate
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The form with public praise the earliest sale is to pass the transmission way of according to legend of ear of close friends mouth to undertake, later as media line of business, public praise sale also produced very big change, but its advantage does not have a change however: Cost is low, the effect is distinct. Above all, cost of transmission of public praise sale is the 1/10 of cost of media advertisement transmission, 1/30, 1/50 only, do not have cost even. Successful public praise sale is to adopt the strategy with small big fight of in order to, and advertisement of rigid of other of effect criterion Yuansheng spreads way. Because, although a advertisement broadcast 100 propagandist sign that encourage consumer to buy,also be inferior to the speech that relatives and friends suggests one sentence, we believe the opinion of relatives and friends and the experience that its use more, accordingly, the advertisement transmission that often has power most is to come from in the mouth of relatives and friends. Do not look down upon public praise to spread the sale way that this times today looks a little primitive, its advantage removes effect of low cost, advertisement apparent outside, transmission force is very powerful also, absolutely assuming scene is contemporary all sorts of advertisement transmit media, main reason is public praise sale has times add character: Paper of a piece of A4 is 50% discount 50 times the ply after can arrive at the sun from the earth, again 50% discount word arrives from the earth namely the distance going there and back of the sun. Same, you pass some information to two people, if these two people are telling two people respectively, if this one process undertakes 50 times, its transmit a number to be met big breathtaking, although this one process fails to be delivered 50 times quite, mere 10, 20, its spread the effect also is tremendous.

Speak of public praise sale, we are very much the error on business presence understanding, the commodity that a few companies think it is good to make, make consumer satisfactory, establish good public praise from this, make according to legend of consumer mouth ear is public praise sale. Actually, produce high quality goods, make customer satisfaction just undertakes the foundation of successful public praise sale is ensured; Public praise sale regards a kind of sale as the form, nature can include the tactics of sale of a few markets and skill among them, and the understanding that a few enterprises produced another extreme from this: Public praise sale makes a stunt undertake hype namely. Actually these are one-sided to public praise sale acknowledge and misunderstanding. Public praise sale is tactics of a sale not just, we should rise public praise sale to strategic height to treat more, because, today this information travels numerous, in the times with transmission splitting speed, incident of sale of a public praise is accomplished probably or destroy a business or, accordingly, need us to bring into public praise sale to the enterprise to develop the strategy in the program, the thinking means that uses the strategy and cautious attitude will handle public praise sale.
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