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Compose proposes the sale way of competition ability of core of medical look for
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The integral cave in of Chinese drug industry

Publish in this book when, global economy goose-step is entered glacial period, face inflation of domestic high speed, RMB to appreciate quickly, the exit with many and other places of Guangdong, Zhejiang is oriented model the company goes broke in succession. The message says, guangdong and Zhejiang the enterprise of 20% above has closed.

Far-sighted company manager, won't be absolutely appear such situation is open-eyed, they should begin to prepare the cotton-padded jacket of hibernate before 3 years at least, if have vision more a bit, they should use primitive accumulation, search on industrial value catenary have more but durative management mode; If these bosses have such eye, they are how “ steps ” today, it is “ China for ” , and won't suffer the destiny that close.

Return Chinese pharmacy industry, 80 time when, at that time once did where of pharmaceutical factory of Central Plains of —— of business of brilliant temporarily large pharmacy go? Do 90 time sweep across where of K of group of 3 individual plant, hearts?

On the Chinese market that changes at high speed, pharmacy business needs exceeding discretion. Because of a variety of reasons, ethical pharmacy pays close attention to too before, pay close attention to influence too rent, and forgot a decision the industry survives and competition ability of more important thing —— core. A variety of facts make clear, strategic eye, have consciousness of core competition ability, it is to decide an enterprise truly whether ceaseless development expands, whether sustainable management fountainhead.

Chinese pharmacy business also has such case, for instance constant luck group, for instance group of answer star medicine, their development witnessed the importance of strategic eye. However even if business of Chinese first-rate pharmacy, do not say the pharmacy company with lead international, even if cacique medicine look forward to of India, also we can compare far from.

Transverse and comparative, with China high grade enterprise is surveyor's pole, comparative home appliance, IT, telegraphic course of study, pharmacy line of business up to now, still do not take piece can mix associate, sea Er, China the enterprise that is photograph contrast, this is the disgrace of Chinese medicine bound.

We are impolite it is what this kind of situation says cave in of whole of —— pharmacy line of business. Since capacity of Chinese market put oneself in another's position is sufficient big, china does not lack pharmacy industry person with ability, why doesn't Chinese education give cacique pharmacy company?

Core force sale: The inevitable choice of Chinese medicine look forward to

Cherish bewilderment, we observe deep and studied the pharmacy company with home and lead international. We think, bring about the germ of cave in of whole of Chinese pharmacy line of business, depend on the blemish of system and home market, causing ethical pharmacy company is not the development of competition of medicines and chemical reagents along the standard, moved toward however search with influence hire the sale competition that is a feature.
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