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The Darwin of network sale is secret
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In 50 years of in the past, product sale invincible. Meanwhile also emerge in large numbers abstruse beauty, raise · Luo Bikai (Young&Rubicam) and actual strength (such advertisement transmits Saatchi) company, and other the company that leave relies on those who participate in powerful advertisement to contend for gained reputation for oneself.

And now nowadays, the network broke this kind of pattern thoroughly. Internet offerred more powerful feedback value, compared with other media, the network still is having more detailed catalog classification. And feedback frequency is already contractible also come to be calculated with millisecond, this and the traditional intermediary bodily form that are computational unit with day number become sharp contrast.

In fact, online sale still is having more correlation with economics, probably economist Xiong Bide (Schumpeter) should is with this be proud, this kind of connection is far than as closer as advertising correlation. Creativity destruction is online advertisement most the expression of be successful, because once a thing is replaced by another thing place, its process the force with which sth breaks out is feral.

We are OK head of make things difficult for others serves as an analogy, normally the circumstance falls, person head also is met self-destruction, can pass brief memory mode at this o'clock be able to confirm: Once new idea jumps cerebrum, old idea is swept subsequently and go. In economics, no matter be online advertisement or person head movement, accord with the truth of survival of the fittest.

I have company of representative of a research, had become one of the biggest online ad companies nowadays, company support draws lessons from cerebrum movement mode to undertake advertisement originality. Want to know, in 100 much people, we find traditional market staff very hard, more never mention it officer of a chief mart.

Its reason is, in the network world that develops in high speed, setting of a sale can have adverse effect normally. Have can take the place of in true real time the ability of adapt oneself to changing circumstances, you need to think how to make good ad no longer forever, those who replace is, all things that you achieve you show great master, next calm view its change.

In the typical search sale battle on Google, no matter be a fortune,500 strong companies still are before a rank 10 website, 1000 kinds of the keyword that company of sale of a website or license give 10 thousand above with be being searched actively, different copies, many picture and website of incomputable of all kinds. Be in all above these information, can show a bakery circularly probably tens of planting product and elegant pack. Propagandist effect is lost with network decide the issue of the battle (the magnanimity way with be regarded as important by quantity of sale, visit or other customer normally decides) , this kind of network reveals surmounted multiple space: Time (second) , documentation of data of situation, statistic, user and any additional data that we can collect.
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