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"Upload " detonate a client to transmit power
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“ uploads ” to change sale structure

When we did not destroy to network foamy catcall, some enterprises had discovered, the client to us, network has become form of a kind of life. China almost the person of 1/6 gets online, if put the target user of consumable of style of a few businesses, number group in will measure, the scale of online crowd is met apparently more make everybody amazed. Upload ” to become when “ especially when a kind of consumer is used to, if we continue to think the network is fictitious, then I must say, our program and foreground can become very likely also fictitious rise.

Be in " the world is smooth " in, hold Mass · Friedman in the palm to upload “ individual control one of 10 great power that community ” definition makes the same score the world for 蹍 . We just are in no longer unit or in the home with all round the person chatters, we can adopt all sorts of favorite forms more, think us to expressive information delivers: The skirt that we can tell new sisters some store in community is OK lowermost Kan price arrives a few fold, strive for scarf gift; We can upload the photograph of newest travel and comment in our rich guest; We can upload the work that ourselves films or makes in video website; We still can publish our work on of all kinds network, comment; We can be passed instant communication tells about a hundred good friend earthquake of strong office building inside a few minutes …… yes, have uploading capacity when us, our life form has changed sadly. We become easier go affecting more people: We will be mixed previously never the person that the opportunity communicates is communicated, with previously never the person that the opportunity cooperates cooperates. Consumer stands unprecedentedly to arena front, sale pattern also follows a change. A lot of enterprises begin applicable this kind of change, from consistent from above to below wide and those who accuse advertisement mode, begin to use a network to undertake a few interactive communication conversational mode attempt. The person that let consumer be accepted from passive information reachs the person that digest, turn into the doodle of our person that communicate and information person, the person that create, person that explain, peddler.

Yes, the good friend always does not lack to remind us so beside us before: The attention protects your old client! Develop the cost of a new client, will be those who maintain cost of an old client is fivefold. We discover, use Internet to defend faithful client not only economic and more cost, the most important, the 2nd active force that we still can try to dig a client obtains additional results. (referenced: July 2006 portion, " international broadcast movie and TV " magazine executive chief editor Mr Du Dengbin points out the magazine wants to tell consumer from “ ” turns toward “ to attract consumer to participate in company facilities ” . Prevent chief editor puts forward: The key of traditional media is the interactive platform that builds a media and constituency, media must interact with the reader, the construction that should start all readers to participate in media career and. Put forward us not to let media become the individual ideal of chief editor, and should transform it for reader ideal. )
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