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Innovation sale: How be inside 5 years gain 10 billion
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The spring 2006, china lies a such phase: Do poineering work, innovation makes this period most canorous expressions, accumulate wealth for the enterprise, contribute for the country, for the society creation obtain employment makes the demand in this times spirit, the person that do poineering work, make this period by the hero of praise highly. Be in just about a such spring, chinese CCTV open differ before the project of the meaning, —— of activity of poineering TV of large encourage annals " win in China " . It aroused the poineering upsurge of 1.3 billion person of Chinese. The business that can make money on the world is very much, but very much more the person such as this can be not done. Say oil for example, say report for example, say estate is waited a moment for example.

So should we ask we should begin from where? Do we ask poineering success has the rule that can you follow even? Perhaps say further, a person is inside 5 years gain 10 billion, is this likely? If possible sentence, is there such way?

Get together cure hall is nourishing the father dynasty of soup brightness in the public eye, the act that uses oneself gave us best answer. The dynasty that is engaged in sale referring a trade more than 10 years brightness, began the industrialization period of Chinese nourishing soup, china old and gave birth to the soup culture that is born not to cease to bring commercialized China all the time. He says “ China has the soup culture of a few chiliad, the oldest recipes on the world is in what must come by practice of Chinese working people namely before 2700, the account in this cookbook the practice of ten kinds of soup. We invented the earliest soup, but the soup that in China we do not have world-class however, this is the Chinese's regret. So I want to pass my old preparation, integrated China's outstanding resource, shang Wen of grand raise China is changed, make the first Shang Pin brand of Chinese. ”

Get together cure hall is nourishing soup brand appeared on the market to be attracted numerous the look of the person that join in.

Market of Chinese nourishing soup is a virgin land that still treats request, get together cure hall discovered this La Hai with original vision, this itself is mine of a gold. Mode of what kind of sale is what then they go?

Get together cure hall appears on the market, the biggest problem that face is, with the attitude of a person that enter newly, how the problem that low cost enters town? This is afraid also is the problem that all enterprises face. Get together the conclusion of cure hall is: Can take poor dissimilation course anything but. Poor dissimilation is the pass of market leader, it is puny however person epitaph. Two locate in the market identical brand, be the same as the ground impossibly at the same time peaceful coexistence, among them a brand repels necessarily another brand. If two brands realized best coexistence, so the fixed position between them is contrary necessarily. This is father the dynasty brightness analysis to the market.
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