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How does refine become converse thinking of Niu Gensheng?
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If use a word to explain the overspeed of Niu Gensheng's success and Meng Niu grows, that is: Train of thought decides an outlet. No matter be the each pace breakthrough that bovine root gives birth to an individual to go up in the career, return be Meng Niu to be born, develop and surmount ceaselessly, the backside of these successful stories, the surpasses play of place of constant thinking means tremendous effect that we see bovine root is unripe and active force. We go up personally from Niu Gensheng, experienced the typical feature of a creation talent, can say, the creativity thinking that is him accomplished Meng Niu.

Although bovine root exceeds Chang Saiwei unripely,means is not to be good at only converse think, but from the growing experience of his oneself we can see, his markeddest thinking characteristic is converse thinking. Thinking of his sex of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics and transverse thinking are from converse in thinking, derive. The proceed with of converse thinking characteristic that we give birth to from analytic ox root, seeing him is how to be applied exceed Chang Saiwei to guide Meng Niu to obtain those who exceed groovy development.

One, how does refine become converse thinking of Niu Gensheng

Of converse thinking of Niu Gensheng form, was to get as a child above all domestic influence. Niu Gensheng once recollected say: “ my mother makes me all one's life unforgettable to two my words, one is ‘ wants to know, hit a conversed ’ , another is ‘ be in an unfavorable situation is blessing, gaining extra advantage unfairly is disaster ’” these two influences were reflected if he is lifetime as converse as a traditional idea is contrary kind think. When Niu Gensheng encounters difficult solution to a problem not to leave later, total meeting thinks of “ wants to know above all, hit a conversed ” this word, the train of thought that inspires him thinks towards as opposite as the ordinary person way. He is when Yi Li, often bonus following of active deal out, also be apparently be in an unfavorable situation by “ is blessing ” the influence of this word.

The 2nd level that converse thinking of Niu Gensheng develops, it is the teenage period in him, formed a kind of traitorous character gradually on disposition. Niu Gensheng recollects: When I am ten “ years old, disposition is very traitorous, perhaps you do not know, I am the sort of “ small mix mix ” a lot of people are surrounded in me on the edge, converse thinking, rebel against orthodoxy, break regular, inexorable, dare to take a risk to wait a moment, concern with my growing environment. ”

After manhood, niu Gensheng with converse ponder over the thinking means that is striking feature to mature gradually, after leaving Yili especially, niu Gensheng examined him to be in afresh before all sorts of experience and lesson, let what form in the enterprise originally should stimulate reaction mode to be changed into rational thinking mode, perceptual impulse is little, rational reflection is much, disposition is gone against and not betray, thinking means “ leaves classics ” and not “ sentences ” .
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