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How to e-commerce development of Chinese tea
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As the world's tea production, processing and marketing of big country, China's tea output reached tens of billions of years, but the tea is almost a blank area of electronic commerce, how to develop e-commerce to become the subject of concern to the industry.

In the second session of the Guangzhou International Tea Culture Festival, the Guangzhou Local largest tea company, a hundred years old, "Health and Mao Tai," said, has embarked on information management, integration of resources, speed up the process of electronic networks. As the host to the South tea market in Guangzhou, also announced that more than 1,000 shops side by side inside the near future an overall e-commerce solutions out.

At present the traditional products of tea, obviously out of line in the Open era of rapid development of Internet web sites related to the tea industry, tea industry in addition to a small number of products placed in the picture, beyond the simple text description, very little information available. The country's tea production, processing and marketing of information is still mainly rely on distributors and press information. Beijing New Technology Development Alliance l Albert Zhu Zhonghai, general manager, said: "Chinese tea culture is strong, weak commodity, such information in the 21st century society, it seems behind the times."

It is understood, has nearly 1,700 acres of tea fields and tea more than 20 research institutions, with professional tea are more than 10 colleges and universities, but so far, no one specialized in information collection, analysis, processing, dissemination institutions, some tea Institute, Inc. and experimental stations were set up in the tea books, data collected and the Publications Department, but not fully utilize the existing resources of information network services, a number of tea companies or organizations and even computers devices are not, tea trade is still stuck in the "supply and marketing cooperative era."

Some industry insiders believe that the current e-commerce in China and supporting the many conditions is not yet perfect, is more prominent in the tea market, so the tea industry to be faster to e-commerce, one can not do the work in three areas: first, to lay information management infrastructure, and providing technical preparation; Second, to promote the brand, the establishment of certain consumer credit; third is the formation of fast smooth logistics channel.

Tea experts believe that tea has a variety of transactions, size complexity, transaction time-sensitive, volume features, these features have been very beneficial for product screening and collection of e-commerce auction, but because the market scattered around the country, small-scale regional prominence, making the tea center around the use of e-commerce can not be really completed by the organizers of a shopping mall, the manager to a market operator, service provider business functions. Such as MERCOSUR, the set of large-scale information flow, material flow in the market to establish a platform for e-commerce into the tea industry to provide the necessary conditions.

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