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Production of Dalian city food processes a business 100% obtain QS letter
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(Han Xiaofei of Gao Lei's reporter) to achieve quality of product of the State Council and food safety production of the food before the end of the year of special punish “ processes a business 100% obtain the working job that taste food to produce licence and adds ” of the mark that stick QS and goal, in product quality and food safety during special punish, city pledges inspect bureau takes effective measures, sending card order strictly, father to hair card each col while, advance food market admittance actively quickly. Current, food of whole town all home

Production processes a business already 100% obtain food to produce licence.

As we have learned, branch of our city qualitative inspect accepts food to produce business license to apply for 143 in all during special punish, constituent business examines 143, on-the-spot guidance and side help a company more than 120, extend food produces licence 150 many. End at present, production of our city all food machines an enterprise to all obtain food to produce treatment licence, the admittance of market of food quality safety of company of whole town production works to be finished satisfactorily.

City pledges inspect bureau expresses, strengthen the Chongzhongzhi that ” of “ food small mill is superintended and ” superintends to will become next pledging that inspect section provision superintends the job after card of “ of company of food production treatment to weigh. Qualitative inspect branch will pass go on a tour of inspection, year careful, compulsory inspection, supervise selective examination, superintend after the measure aggrandizement card such as pay a return visit, accomplish truly stress food quality safety from fountainhead, let obtain card business to be able to last to produce eligible food steadily after obtaining evidence.

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