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Hangzhou Xiao Hong builds group aluminous profile to machine project settle lotu
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[This net dispatch] on December 18 towards evening, inside assembly room of government of lotus town people, when Yourongfu of lotus town alcalde and Hangzhou Xiao Hong builds group president Yu Xianfu to sign on investment agreement hind, the noise inside assembly room removed enthusiastic applause. The delegate of group of Qiu Yunfen of secretary of Party committee of town of attendant city leadership Wu Tiemin, Gao Guofei, lotus and relevant section leader and Hangzhou Xiao Hong in succession mutual handclasp presents his compliment, celebrate this one important hour jointly. Those who invest an agreement sign a mark to wear year old of end 2007, lotus town introduced item of a large investment successfully again.

This project is the aluminous profile that by Hangzhou Xiao Hong builds a group to invest process a project, always invest 150 million yuan of RMBs, in all commandeer land more than mus 80, the design produces per year aluminous profile 50 thousand tons. According to the agreement, this project will build go into operation inside two years, predicting annual produce can amount to 1 billion yuan, duty of implementation annual interest 80 million yuan.

Lotus is pressed down result of capital attraction job is satisfactory 2007, end November, reach the designated position actually inside endowment 52.22 million yuan, complete year of plan 121.1% , than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 37.4% . Town Party committee, government always values capital attraction job, organized professional ability the personnel with strong, high quality established special capital attraction team. Cooperate the train of thought of municipal Party committee, municipal government actively, of enterprise of the change outside be like pair of Hangzhou introduce, the butt joint that encircles with justice black business

Of project of aluminous course of study of group of this Hangzhou Xiao Hong sign for the capital attraction 2007 the job drew a satisfactory full stop, also opened a good head for the industrial economy that lotus pressed down 2008. (Xu Jun) edit Xu Wei to build

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