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On 1000 treatment make an enterprise close down bead trigonometry manufacturing
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CCTV " economy half hours " reported on December 11, once was China opens to the outside world of bridge tower bead trigonometry area, improvement trade took the throughout the country 4 into, however, the day of enterprises of a few treatment manufacturing industry is sadder and sadder.

Investigate discovery according to CCTV reporter, in the morning at 10 o'clock, be the time that go to work, the big iron gate of many factories is being locked up closely however, messy setting makes clear, appear here already the person goes the building is empty. Gather in treatment manufacturing industry nowadays bead trigonometry area, not infrequent like such setting.

Li Peng of secretary-general of association of Asian shoe trade expresses, in Guangdong gross shoe factory adds up have 559 probably, those who shut is large and medium-sized like this kind there should be more than 1000 in Guangdong, resemble be in for instance Hui Dong, it has plant of more than 3000 shoes, it is inside 3 two months, the sort of medium or small factory shut 449.

Bead trigonometry area encounters predicament, it is shoemaking enterprise not only, other resembles making treatment of the garment, toy, electron treatment work etc concentrated model industry, appeared similar situation, many enterprises begin outside change, some has closed down, once brilliant temporarily bead trigonometry manufacturing industry, facing the crisis nowadays.

Flourish in former days bead trigonometry labor is concentrated model the day of the industry rises in price as ” of barren of oil of ” of ” of “ labor shortage, “ electricity shortage, “ , raw material and sadder and sadder. Many medium or small the processing factory closes down, or in succession migratory wait for outback city to city of Jiangxi another name for Jiangxi Province.

Yin Lianxin analyses:

Pearl River delta is located in Guangdong the south in the province, Pearl River is downstream, include city of Guangzhou city, Shenzhen city, Zhuhai city, Fosan city, river retail sales, Dongguan, Zhongshan city and benefit city urban district, Hui Yang to want city, 4 meetings city county of city, Hui Dong, rich collect county and Zhao Qing urban district, high. Gross area 41698 square kilometer, occupy the 23.4% of complete province.

Bead traceable of trigonometry manufacturing industry the simple treatment of 70 time makes 20 centuries, main assemble is in manufacturing industry industry now spin, home appliance and electronic industry. Come two this years, as bead the development of trigonometry manufacturing industry, peremptory became ” of plant of world of so called “ . But bead the end that three-cornered manufacturing industry leaves the world plant on real significance still very distant.

   One, just acted as the part of ” of world “ processing factory

Although bead trigonometry is already preliminary become base of manufacturing industry of global consumption commodity, built the plant of tens of thousands of, composition has the consumable of certain competition ability to make a system. The computer that produces like Dongguan advocate board, motor of scanner, picture tube, miniature, already occupied the 15%-40% of global market share, of Shenzhen horological take global market 4 into above. But the production base photograph of product of as main as the world industry is compared, still have quite big difference. Bead trigonometry enterprise and its brand are spent in the credit on the international market and consequence very little. It is in technology intensive the industry is mixed a few capital are concentrated model industry, the industry upgrades to still lag behind at the production base of industrial developed country and area far. If be carried in numerical control machine tool, large whole set of equipment, traffic,making basically is car and plane and circuit of large scale integration these domains, bead difference of trigonometry and United States, Japan, Germany is in at least 15 years of above. 2 it is industry imitates ability strong, but innovation ability is poor. Bead the class of industrial product great majority that trigonometry produces is not high, investigate its reason basically is difference of ability of industrial research and development, bead trigonometry development comes 20 this the fastest years, achieve formerly by him enterprise truly, the product that be produced extensively and uses also is done not have.
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