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Base of food of Urumqi city green and project of research of technology of veget
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Recently, the city class science and technology that assumes by place of vegetables of Urumqi county fruit plans project “ to build green food base and vegetable production to machine craft to study ” is passed smoothly check and accept. This project uses green food to manufacture a technology, outskirt of north is in city established the provision of 4200 mus of green that gives priority to with 10 kinds of big vegetable such as chili, tomato, aubergine, cucumber vegetable cultivates base, obtained the letter of food of class A green of 10 kinds of big vegetable products this year in January. Distributing according to the area of vegetable breed, built a farmer to produce collaboration to organize, built day to machine 100—150 ton at the beginning of green food vegetable, deep treatment company. Undertook green food detects vegetably system and the disinfection that machine a process, antiseptic, pack wait for craft and green food vegetable to work make, research of technology of souse, amylaceous products, put forward a mature and feasible operation technology regulations. Established the industry standard of product of company noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch, obtain " executive standard of product of company of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region registers card " . This purpose is carried out, the vegetable base that drove outskirt of Urumqi city north adds green provision actively in action plan, developed the new phase that our city vegetable produces, satisfied broad citizen's safe to food requirement, promoted increase production of broad vegetable grower to add close.

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