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Non-traditional machine tool of linkage of four-axle of Hangzhou machine nicety
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A few days ago, held in courtyard of science and technology of Hangzhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences innovation of Zhejiang province science and technology saved nicety of priority discipline “ 2007 ” of four-axle linkage non-traditional machine tool and research of numerical control system is checked and accept meeting. Trade of Zhejiang province classics appoint, the member that leader of company of numerical control of bureau of hair of classics of area of group of the expert that visit town, Yu Hang, Hangzhou engine and project are comprised attended the meeting.
The non-traditional machine tool of linkage of “ accurate four-axle that assumes by company of Hangzhou engine numerical control and ” of research of numerical control system are included Zhejiang saved technical innovation project 2007. This project is to upright to walk along quality of a kind of high accuracy between machine tool of silk thread cut, fast face, efficient special type report quickly to process machine tool and numerical control system at machine tool of cut of silk thread of numerical control don't go yet and numerical control. The intelligent pulse power supply that carries the control method that uses machine tool of cut of silk thread of numerical control don't go yet and innovation, raised non-traditional machine tool greatly move, static state each technology index. This project undertook to crucial technology innovation of science and technology tackles key problem successfully, establish the technology is banner position, have a company own intellectual property. This product accepts the favour of the market fully, get especially the welcome of department of industry of cool one's heels of boat of mould manufacturing industry, spaceflight, market prospect is valued.
On the meeting, the innovation dot of this project is saved the consistent self-identity of city expert group, carry item of provincial technology innovation smoothly check and accept.

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