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Treatment expends consultative price to achieve an of short duration of look for
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Smelt of copper of international of China and foreign countries machines Fei Benzhou to continue in Shanghai new round of negotiation, although yesterday CSPT (Chinese copper raw material combines negotiation group) coloured of hill of group leader, copper (000630 prices, 000630) Yang Jun of general manager of limited company of metallic group imports and exports tells our newspaper the reporter, the negotiation still is undertaking in, still do not have a result. But personage of know the inside story discloses, one of CSPT member companies already reached 47.2 dollars with foreign supplier / ton with 4.72 cent / the agreement of pound, achieve in last few years new low. The anticipation before this and this is accorded with basically.

According to reporter understanding, the consultative price that domestic company in advance reachs is 45 dollars actually / ton with 4.5 cent / pound, but because the negotiation of both sides of supply and demand can reach 47.2 dollars plus relevant charge / ton with 4.72 cent / the level of pound. The price that this and Indian smelt business reach is consistent.

Afore-mentioned personages express, because be an one domestic company and foreign talk, result of this in advance should be met be accepted by CSPT member place, reckon CSPT will have final result to announce weekend.

“ this agreement price is to accord with those who anticipate, not accident, smelt enterprise imports cupreous concentrate to produce be deficit for certain, can pass those who strengthen pair of useless copper, copper mine to reclaim only use, respect of interior management etc will offset a loss. How does ” believe Heng Kun of negotiable securities analyst to tell a reporter.

Heng Kun expresses, since 4 quarters, spot market treatment expends a level to still do not have clear improving evidence. The market is forecasted generally, the treatment cost level of 2008 year will be certain under 50 dollars / ton with 5 cent / pound, want at least than 2007 namely low 17 % . 2007 year, cost of cupreous concentrate treatment falls to 60 dollars / ton with 6 cent / pound, drop compared to the same period 37 % ; And original price participates in a clause to also be cancelled. In 2007 when, the treatment cost of domestic share smeltery falls once more for 50 dollars / ton with 5 cent / pound.

Although the negotiation of enterprise of Japanese copper smelt still also does not have a result, but once estimation China determines this price level, day also just will be accepted. As we have learned, afore-mentioned negotiations attribute price of long-term supply agreement, and because demand of global copper concentrate is driving, chinese merchandise on hand machines charge to had fallen to be controlled with 4.3 cent to 43 dollars.

Cupreous smelt charge slips continuously result from output of global copper concentrate grows crop of slow Yutong smelt. 2006, output of copper of global mineral products grows 1.6 % , and growth of output of copper of smelt of whole world of the corresponding period exceeds 3 % . Show cupreous concentrate occurrence gap.
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