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14 are not had be banned according to clothing processing factory
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Zhang Ke of Zhengzhou stage reporter, reporter Zhao Zhengyin, Maan helps a report:

Through special punish of 10 days, yesterday (12.17) , 14 when Yan of neat ceremony of 27 industrial and commercial substation is versed in business place will be concealed in city village are not had ban entirely according to clothing processing factory.

Conceal in home of the villager inside city village to undertake dress is machined, it is the place of an easy least of all discovery, these clothing processing factories are to lock up the door by day commonly, afternoon 4, began to machine production at 5 o'clock, it is very difficult to want to ban. To clear thoroughly inside city village without take clothing processing factory, the special processing that Yan of 27 neat ceremony of industrial and commercial substation are versed in business place had by a definite date 10 days.

The reporter follows industrial and commercial execute the law personnel is right inside village of Huang Gang temple when processing factory of a clothing undertakes investigating, see among them, this clothing processing factory is located in Cunneiyi the first floor in villager home and 2 buildings. The dress hairiness cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side that do gets a coat, also have a suit. The clothes that the trade mark that puts from the desk sees place is done is card of ” of king of “ elegant cabinet. The boss is not offerred give business charter and brand to register certificate.

Because these machine bit of extremelying He Zhengzhao, industrial and commercial execute the law personnel gives the concerned article such as the machine of short duration is buckled lawfully. Let its close on the spot halt production. Current, these cases still are in investigation.

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