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Ning Bo decides 4 big focal points develop an industry to presswork the treatmen
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Peaceful wave municipal government came on stage a few days ago " a certain number of opinions that develop about accelerating city industry and relevant service line of business " , innovate to pushing industry, cultivate city industry, implementation “ Ning Bo makes ” created ” change to raise working way and target to “ Ning Bo. Basis " opinion " , industry of development of city industry stress will design peaceful wave city henceforth the 4 big industries such as manufacturing industry of treatment of line of business of line of business of service of originality, news, service of science and technology, green.

The industry that key of city of peaceful henceforth wave develops designs originality industry, include industrial research and development, design and originality to wait; Wu of kimono of the development that information serves course of study to incorporate electronic information and software technology, application; Line of business of service of science and technology includes technical intermediary, enterprise to seek advice from a plan, detect examine, platform of communal technology service; Green treatment manufacturing industry includes small-sized electron product to assemble, arts and crafts of headgear of things of dress dress, interior decoration, gem is recreational travel things, presswork the treatment that pack, small-sized machinery assembles finish machining of treatment, food to wait.

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