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Whole nation of demonstrative area of treatment of resource second birth is pass
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Report of people net Yantai this year, yantai resource second birth machines demonstrative area to pass the expert that environmental protection total bureau organizes to check and accept, become at present home of our country head adopts national form acceptable area of pilot garden of ” of management of “ group division, for Yantai city development will be contended for henceforth major policy good luck.

“ encircles division management ” is the business that processes processing to be engaged in renewable resources carry out specific garden area to turn management, in order to raise an effects rate of renewable resources, decrease and avoid the effect of sewage, litter to the environment.

Use efficiency to increase resource, the standard imports trash treatment, environment of prevention and cure is polluted, 2005, total bureau of national environmental protection and relevant ministries and commissions began an entrance to abandon cable of hardware electric equipment, useless wire and useless electric machinery to wait can use the trash “ that makes raw material to encircle division management ” pilot job, to this kind entrance trash treatment uses an unit to have centralized management, integrated development. Get opportunity of this one policy to contend for, yantai developing zone is in charge of appoint constituent force relies on to go up strive for run, in two weeks inside complete 80 thousand much word declare material, early or late 10 run for many times the province is communicated into Beijing harmonious, be in finally the whole nation shows itself in unit of a few application. In August 2005, in the whole nation first obtain “ of total bureau of national environmental protection to encircle an area to build ” written reply to a subordinate body, from strive for give an official to use time of half an year only. After this, according to “ group division builds ” standard, yantai developing zone invests many yuan 1000, efficient advance resource second birth to machine an area relevant infrastructure construction and superintendency system configuration, passed in August 2007 check and accept integratedly, begin “ formally to encircle division management ” .

After executing “ to encircle division management ” , yantai resource second birth machines demonstrative area to have particular policy advantage, conditional enterprise is accorded with inside garden area, can deal with the 7th kind of aptitude that imports waste material and index directly, the country approves the company in the urban district no longer entrance, manage and machine this kind of useless old goods and materials. This develops to quickening garden area, those who grab so that develop property of resource second birth first machine, will have conclusive effect.

Resource second birth machines demonstrative area “ to encircle division management ” , it is Yantai developing zone is labelled the whole nation first circular economy is pilot after garden area, another when contend for major policy is broken through, will produce positive effect to whole town progress. Have the aid of this one policy, garden area will achieve revolutionary progress, form new point of growth quickly, whole town of great promotion is energy-saving fall bad news level, drive haven to reach the industry such as content shedding to accelerate development; Also will become the whole nation to develop circular economy, construction at the same time managing model social example and set an example.
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