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The insider uncovers inside story of cover of Nanning part Yi to use inferior oi
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Yi face, it is inn of Nanning city pink, night fair booth comes for years the food that the citizen favors. Nevertheless, it is faced with “ to trust crisis ”—— is engaged in Yi face production machining old insider to investigate discovery with all possible means however nowadays, the range of Yi of ” of “ naked body that sells on market, ” of a lot of legal without “ statuses. Sanitation and industrial and commercial branch express, if discover illegal Yi face machines a dot, they will undertake investigating.

Insider uncovers Yi face to machine inside

Insider introduction, he is the boss of processing factory of face of a Yi, be engaged in Yi look unfamiliar producing treatment already 20 old, his factory obtained Yi look unfamiliar to produce treatment licence, be expert at inside amount to is not much. Be aimed at the processing factory of face of much home Yi that at present the urban district appears, he discovers after elaborate investigation, did not obtain license for the most part, belong to subterranean processing factory.

The investigation material on insider hand shows, did not obtain production to machine the Yi face processing factory of licence, altogether has 5, distributing each the city zone inside city. He still tagged the address that machines manufacturer home and telephone number respectively. Insider says, in the treatment process of Yi face, normal manufacturer and blame are normal manufacturer distinction is very big. What normal manufacturer uses is palm oil, the price is 9.2 yuan / kilogram, a kilogram of oil produces 10 faces cake, price is 15 yuan / box (one box 30 faces cake) . What what when manufacturer is produced, and rather than uses normally is oily, it is oil of slant in water and ground channel oil mostly, the price is 3.6 yuan of ~ 4 yuan / kilogram, the finished product that treatment comes out sells 11 yuan / box. On use flour, both also have a difference. Normal manufacturer chooses good flour, those who be not normal manufacturer to use is the flour with poorer quality more. He has calculated brushstroke Zhang, subterranean processing factory 11 yuan / the Yi face of box, if according to accord with standard of food sanitation safety to choose material, so low price wants lose money in business for certain.

Insider says, after flour and oil price rise, normal manufacturer mentioned the price of Yi face 20 yuan / box, normal manufacturer also mentioned and rather than accordingly 15 yuan / box. Him “ is the investigation that this has, not be to want bespatter to travel together, because Yi face produces those who machine link not to have foreword, had arrived to be not punish really cannot degree ” .

Face of Yi of the anonymous ” that do not have a surname is full of “ the market

The Yi face production that discloses with respect to insider machines link inside, come day after day, reporter seek by inquiry the face of a few illegal Yi inside city machines a dot.
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