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Village of exposed to the sun machines melon seeds benevolence to become rich
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Jilin saves the farmer of village of 9 city with a sunny exposure, one is made add on melon seeds collect the good literary works that become rich. 2002 the melon seeds of this village benevolence export volume amounts to 46 million tons, achieve duty 15 million yuan, the product sells 7 countries such as past United States, Germany, Holand through haven of Dalian, Tianjin. Support machines melon seeds benevolence, whole village average per capita is added receive 1650 yuan.

Speak of village of exposed to the sun to develop melon seeds benevolence to machine an industry, nature should mention Zhao Dengjiang of this village Party member, 1990, he bought a machine that machines melon seeds benevolence through Changchun information center, begin to machine melon seeds benevolence, drove whole village villager very quickly to be engaged in melon seeds processing trade. In June 2001, got the Inc. of nutlet of exposed to the sun that do to hold water by him, one this is 9 only has the civilian battalion company of export advantageous position, by this village 18 have the nutlet processing factory of certain dimensions to comprise, drive whole village small-sized processing factory is engaged in nutlet treatment 36 times with 50 villagers, make nutlet production formed certain dimensions.

One estate development drove much trade prosperity, only carrying trade, increased income for 9 2002 9 million yuan, expand what machine an industry as nutlet ceaselessly, village of exposed to the sun inducts off-duty workers and force of circumjacent surplus labor 3700 much people.

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