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From treatment big province arrives to save Jiangxi by force " coloured " shine
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On December 22, 2007 the current situation piece

Jiangxi crosses one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of properties first times

Compere: Ask everybody to see a movie today, the title of the film is " 5 gold are spent " , leading role teems with niobium of the copper of —— of 5 kinds of nonferrous metal that saves at me, tungsten, uranous thorium, Tantalum and rare earth namely. The industry of Jiangxi nonferrous metal that spends a main actor by these 5 gold is big are in the whole nation and even global passion are performed.

Rao Zhenhua: Enter new century, industry of Jiangxi nonferrous metal grows very quickly.

Cupreous tungsten resource basically relies on an entrance

Compere: Show according to the data, outside waiting for a few breed except molybdenum, magnesium, our country can collect resource reserves to be controlled 10 years only. Whether does my province also face resource bottleneck problem?

Rao Zhenhua: Overall and character, I save nonferrous metal resource or abound quite. Cupreous resource has 13.13 million tons, 20% what take the throughout the country, reside the first; Tungsten resource reserves is 1.03 million tons, take the throughout the country 21% , house whole nation the 2nd; Reserves of natural resources of heavy rare land 590 thousand tons, among them 40% what reserves of natural resources of ion rare land takes the throughout the country, reserve resides the whole nation the first; Tantalum resource reserves 14 thousand tons, take the throughout the country 24% , list the 2nd; Niobium resource has 40 thousand tons, 9.6% what take the throughout the country.

Liu Xueke: We have first-rate family property accumulated over a long time, but the enterprise assurance in cupreous material on degree not tall; Still having is tungsten, the foreground that seeks ore deposit now also is to not allow hopeful.

Liao Changrong: Esteeming justice county is the mineral products resource with complete famed province large county, among them tungsten is provided most representative, in last few years my county takes index of national quota exploitation of the whole nation 1/6 strong. So substantial natural resources is small to for the county, dispute often has an advantage. Whether to put in resource bottleneck, I think to want to decide according to the demand of the market and productivity.

Li Xiaodong: Jiang Tong is the same as advantage of the resource in industry business in the whole nation the most apparent, but on the whole for, the reserves of our country copper is less, even if we wait for Xinjiang, Yunnan, Qinghai the mine of the area is developed, the demand of insufficient home. In the raw material of 700 thousand tons of copper that at present Jiang Tong should use up every year, having 500 thousand tons is from purchase domestic and internationally.

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