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Gold machines what the enterprise uses surely to cover protect a tool
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The function of option market

Futures is tool of a kind of investment, have discovery the price and set period the function that keeps a cost. If the enterprise can be effective the ground rises futures and manufacturing phase union, purchase particular raw material and product price band rises, option market can provide bigger flexibility and stability to the management of the enterprise.

   Element of golden price risk is analysed

Inflation, oil price and dollar exchange rate are the main factor with influence gold fluctuant price. Recently, supply of domestic and international money and bank loan dimensions grow quickly, a large number of capital flow into the market, cause international market occurrence inflation. Devalue considerably plus the dollar, middle east condition is exasperate, numerous economy and political element drove gold to invest demand growth, the huge risk that also makes enterprise of gold improvement trade is faced with the price to fluctuate.

   Suit to do set period the situation that keeps a cost

1. If potential profit is very big, and the risk that face is very little, the import that keeps a cost is not very big. For instance, a commerce machines an enterprise to already signed sale order, but concern rises in price during purchasing raw material. If current prices is bovine city, enterprise special be necessary to do set period keep a cost, because as prices rise, the raw material price that when the enterprise sells the profit of order to follow, is risen likely gives eat off. If current prices is in the word in Xiong Fu, the enterprise was not necessary to do keep a cost, because sell profit may as raw material price drop and magnify.

2. If the probability of risk happening is not big, and if once the risk happens,the loss that cause can bear, so the sense that keeps a cost is not great also. To gold mine company, if rebuke city prices has continued for some time, and the price already fell to exploitation cost the following, so the kinetic energy that the price drops is ebbing gradually, prices has at any time turn to the likelihood that go up instead. Below this kind of circumstance, the enterprise is done not have necessary do sell piece keep a cost, because keep the price after the value,drop brought profit is distant did not rise brought risk is big.

3. If once the risk happens, it is an enterprise if really ever since cannot susceptive, so sum keeps a cost is only alternative. Assume one wife and children commerce machined an enterprise to already purchased the raw material of certain amount, the profit space of its finished product is very low, and the price already rose for some time at that time, prices has the possibility that is down at any time, so this kind of enterprise must undertake sum keeps a cost, the venture that turn because of prices and brings downward cannot control.

   Cover period the purpose that keeps a cost
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