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The talent fosters need " 3 treatment " mode (1)
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Chinese financial grand ceremony

City of serious China finance meets phenomenon of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of — , talent all the year round

DDI is right 2006-2007 year main big company of China undertook investigating, discovery includes limited company of Beijing Li Ning sporting goods, Kodak, SAP, Geleisi the enterprise such as Chinese limited company, in past 12-18 prediction of a person's luck in a given year of the talent inside the month increased 38% . Among them abdication of a job came over the employee of 73% once upon a time, the employee of 24% has had 3 or more jobs, 22% left his post second year in what join likely. These enterprises expect to hire a remain in office of section chief period newly hard. They hold a post to hiring employee newly to make anticipate the estimation of time: What working 1-2 may find new job most inside year is independent contributor, it is professional personage and basic level leader next, find new job cycle should be mixed than the United States Canada is short much. And middle-level leader and tall canal are compared relatively fixed, can have 5-10 year period of remain in office. Join inside Chinese finance

Does employee find new job what is the mainest reason? The opportunity that lacks development, job chance with have better somewhere else discharges before 3 in the weight of employee and HR. Firewood fulfil is too low, lack reward and approbate also rank front row.

What does employee need after all? Raises? Rise job? Working environment? The leader of very rare business often can ask employee so: Are you satisfactory to present job? What place needs us to improve? When a lot of important dissatisfactory accumulate over a long period, can't bear the big bridge of heavy burden like, the meeting is one day unexpected cave in, and people is very amazed however: Why to meet such ah? It all the time very strong! Division of Wei of Liu of president of division of DDI big China, when accepting a reporter to interview a few days ago, express, the welfare of rising opportunity, reasonable firewood respond with a poem, job culture that is full of originality and fun, study and the opportunity that grow, it is the main factor of absorbing ability, these requirements cannot get contented meeting for a long time to bring about the forfeiture of staff initiative, find new job finally and go.

2, imperial profession adviser is analysed

Apparently look, the welfare of firewood respond with a poem with rising opportunity, reasonable lack, job culture that is full of originality and fun, study and the opportunity that grow are to cause the prime cause that find new job, but what does the enterprise consider employee to need again actually? What does employee like to do? What be good at doing? The enterprise does not have deep understanding, exchange a word for, the enterprise is employee to make a profession plan without the oneself characteristic that joins staff, the development that employee is in an enterprise is aimless, lack sense of a home to return to, inevitable meeting brings about employee to spend He Zhongcheng to the self-identity of the enterprise reduce. This ability is the prime cause of personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Although some of enterprise made professional program for employee, but that is the oneself characteristic that set out from the angle of enterprise oneself and did not consider employee made professional program, not be the professional program on real significance, plan the profession of the individual of employee only and the union of employee profession program of the enterprise rises, just be the professional career program of the company staff of real significance.
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