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191 construction project the subject of an electronic bidding the total amount
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Reporter 20, eleventh from the city CPPCC Standing Committee was informed that the 26th meeting, the city construction projects since the electronic bidding system, the official operation since March, as at the end of November the implementation of electronic bidding for the construction of 191 projects with a total target amount of 4.549 billion million, the winning bid amount 4.159 billion yuan, saving rate of 8.75%; city level of government procurement to electronic bidding for the project amounting to 5.3729 billion yuan, 79.39 million yuan of funds under budget, saving rate of 12.87%; state-owned property transferred by electronic auction A total of 24, turnover 186.8 million yuan, the transfer of the reserve price premium of more than 45,182,700 yuan, average appreciation rate of 31.90%.

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