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Female migrant workers return home to the mountain valley run from Huangyan Li
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Huangyan Li, Yanling boat Township farmer, 29 years old. In 2008, she used some of the local women's free time and more features in the dike on the run from electronic processing, and lead them to processing of electronic products at home, so that their families, work balance, companies obtain better economic benefit. Lens】 【News One day in late autumn, the reporter came to town boat Xinshengyu Yanling County, discovered that many women are sitting home in front of assembled electronic products. Liu is one of the villagers was a flower, she said: "Actually, I had originally wanted to go out to work to earn money, but at home there are old, under a small, tied up. Now, I can home, work correct, every day ten earn a five or six. " Factory is the home of female migrant workers two years ago Huang Yanli run. In 2008, a result of working in Guangdong electronics factory closed down, Huangyan Li Yanling returned home. Her family's boat in the remote mountainous areas, transportation, information inconvenient, how to start Penfolds Road? She saw a lot of local women are often bored at home and bet, can not work outside the home because of family burden, to think they are familiar with electronics, had an idea. Late last year, she put 10 million, in the dike to a few houses on rent, buy dryer and other equipment, from Kowloon Industrial Park Yongmao electronic components electronics factory get back, do up their own electronic processing plants. She processed by the price of 1.25 yuan a piece of board packet processing of these women. As the handiwork of labor intensity, and can bring home at any time according to the specific processing conditions, the price is right, less than six months, she will be the electronic factory workers to 90 from the development of more than 6. She bought a motorcycle, a good day to process electronic products to 30 kilometers away, the Kowloon Industrial Park, again brought back the material to be processed. Started off as some technical staff, however, processing the product failure, she was fined 500 yuan. See the staff and family difficulties, she did not punishment duty, but his own pocket mat. Later, she increased staff training, and strengthen supervision to ensure product quality. The first half of this year, her income of the electronic processing more than 40 million, as she and her fellow villagers to get rich good opportunities. 【Notes】 Reporter Are in transport, information-poor in the mountains, rich opportunities to find a really easy. Huangyan Li Yanling County farmers see the advantages of good bad, idle labor and more use of home features, the founder of e-processing plant, a surprise move, both developed their own business, but also for rural women to find a way out, can be described as dual.

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