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Dongguan created by electronic commerce transformation and upgrading of proces
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We conclude Dongguan to promote transformation and upgrading of processing trade in the experience, you can simply use the "full motivation and strengthen guidance" to summarize, the main practices include: First, to guide enterprises to gradually shift from pure research and development organizations, processing, design and core manufacturing; The second is to promote the business from the OEM, ODM to develop its own brand; three independent intellectual property rights is to encourage enterprises to strengthen independent innovation, improve the level of research and innovation; on labor demand, low value-added processing and manufacturing aspects of organized transferred out, and resolutely out of high pollution, high energy consumption of the "four pure two small" enterprises. This is a painful process, but also a new process, through unremitting efforts to promote the "double transformation" strategy, lay the foundation for the creation of new Dongguan. We believe that upgrading of processing trade to create the "Dongguan model" should be refocused to upgrade Dongguan, Dongguan creation, Dongguan standard, Dongguan, and several levels of activity, and ultimately the formation of three-dimensional multi-directional edge. First, Dongguan upgrade. Further promote the upgrading of processing trade is to achieve the "double transformation" an important part of the need for better policy environment and industrial environment. To industrial environments, further enhancing and supporting industries related to the level of manufacturing to the "Dongguan model" to build a higher platform. Today, the industry trend is the integration of services and manufacturing, the real economy and the integration of the Internet economy. Dongguan, in the promotion of logistics, commerce, finance and other areas of close links with industry to increase efforts to further enhance the manufacturing sector to provide a broad platform. Dongguan in the Pearl River Delta, the natural coastal location, logistics and transport industry has a collection of Delirenhe, therefore, further control over resources, logistics and distribution industry, through the port industry and logistics industry, support and development, to better enhance the Dongguan the international status of the manufacturing sector and enhance its irreplaceable and thus occupy the dominant position in the international division of labor. Second, the Dongguan creation. Experience of "double transformation" and "double shift" in Dongguan practice who has "Dongguan create" as the core of the new development advantages, as Dongguan, was again the only way leading national industrial restructuring. Dongguan "double transformation" of exploration, has begun to promote "Dongguan" to "Dongguan create" across, through years of efforts, some companies do to promote products and create brand and create even achieved some results. The future need to further promote the enterprises to enhance product design, technological innovation and further push forward the establishment of independent brands. The potential of emerging markets using a wide, many brands do not form a stable hierarchy, the tendency of consumers to consumer products is much higher than the characteristics of the brand, develop the market and nurture brands. For mass production, strict quality standards, following the world trend in terms of product range for domestic offers other advantages that are not domestic manufacturers, the Chinese market as an important part of emerging markets, Dongguan is not to be missed. Product creation, brand creation, value creation upgrading of processing trade constitutes "Dongguan model" real core. In our view, should also promote the creation of Dongguan, service innovation, management innovation, especially in business model innovation to give attention and efforts. Business model innovation to create higher value for the products, enterprises can bring new growth. Third, Dongguan standards. City experienced a "OEM", standards and regulations in foreign profits under the constraints of a difficult process. Learning and growing through processing trade, cooperation with foreign capital to grow and learn, and now private enterprises in Dongguan, has grown in strength, in the management rules to the formulation of technical indicators have growing influence. In the past, poor corporate earnings, low capacity to resist risks, in addition to product quality and low, low level of technology, there is the need to process in accordance with the requirements of others, according to someone else's standard processing, which in the early learning of foreign advanced production level is very help. However, corporate restructuring and upgrading of processing trade enterprises in technological innovation, so the gradual creation of independent brands under the premise of progress, a higher level of innovation and design capabilities of the enterprises should be more involved in industry standards or even to participate in international standards. On the one hand, participation in standard setting is conducive to business in product quality and management level on the corporate ladder, on the other hand, participation in the development of standards in the international division of labor can have a voice and in the pricing, that is, grasp the initiative. Vigorously promoting the "Dongguan standard" is conducive to seize the high ground, but also "Dongguan model" breakthroughs. Fourth, Dongguan vitality. Agriculture from the beginning of reform and opening up the county, to the introduction of the country's first "three to fill a" business, to the rapid growth of China's processing trade and foreign economic and trade the market; from 2006 that "dual economic and social transformation," and proposed processing trade to upgrade to 2008 in Guangdong Province to promote transformation and upgrading of processing trade in the pilot cities, to become the pilot cities this year, Dongguan has maintained a dynamic pursuit of progress. Specifically, the current "science and technology in Dongguan" project, "Entrepreneurship in Dongguan" project, the energy factor in the economic area. Urban entrepreneurship, as well as social, cultural vitality of the area of development in Dongguan, "perpetual motion machine." If, in the 20th century and the late 90's early 21st century, part of Dongguan, entrepreneurs, managers, employees, etc. to meet the profit in the primary processing trade, stagnant and gradually fell behind, then, through the recent "double transformation" , the "double shift" of the stimulus, forcing people in Dongguan market-oriented competition for international development, stimulate new competitive dynamic. Dongguan cadres at all levels, entrepreneurs only danger, "Self Revolution", get rid of the shackles of conventional wisdom and experience, boldly explore science and technology industry, environmental protection industry, bio-industry and processing advantages of combining the channels of trade in order to create a strong vitality with the development of a new situation.

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