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Russia exports of electronic information products processing project
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Project Name: electronic information products export processing projects with Russia Location: Harbin Major equipment and requirements: ◎ Project Profile: Russia Information Industry Park of Harbin Park, the major production for the export of Russia and CIS countries electronic information products. Park start area of 3 square kilometers, an introduction of the electronic information enterprises are expected to be 20 Families, two businesses may be introduced 80. Industries, including automotive electronics, home appliances, mobile communication products, computer and network products, large-scale integrated circuits, electronic components, electronic information, new materials, digital audio and video production Products, electrical machines and control systems. Park land acquisition, preliminary design and construction design has been completed, to "seven connections and one leveling", which can meet the conditions settled in business investment, is the intention of co-operation of enterprises Recruitment presence, and seek common development. Expected to achieve annual output value 10-20 billion yuan. ◎ Cooperation: to take the land transfer and joint ventures, cooperation or other means, the specific way of consultation.

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