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Huajing Electronics photovoltaic material processing base expansion project co
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Last June, the State Council proposed to clear customs - Tianshui Economic Zone into a national advanced manufacturing base, the province to act quickly and actively planning, the old industrial base in the original high-tech industries to develop on the recently , The first domestic enterprise application in multi-Cutting Machine - West An Huajing Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. solar photovoltaic material processing base for an expansion project completed in the Xi'an High-tech Zone. Reporters in the dedication ceremony was informed that the investment of 360 million expansion project, October 13, 2009 to start the construction, set office, production for one, is mainly used for more than 30 cutting machine, the production of single-crystal furnace 30 and process support . Annual output of silicon 200MW, will realize annual sales income of 10 billion yuan, annual output value of 1.2 billion. The experts said that this will effectively promote the Xi'an in Shaanxi as well as the development of solar photovoltaic industry, and attract a lot of talent, to provide The thousands of jobs. At present, Xi'an High-tech Zone has brought together 36 companies engaged in solar photovoltaic industry in all sectors of manufacturing, Shaanxi Province and the photovoltaic industry related businesses are mostly concentrated in the high-tech zones. Subsequently, the solar photovoltaic business development experience (Xi'an) Exchange Club. Suntech, Emei Semiconductor and other key domestic PV business executives, and the PV Alliance of Shaanxi Province and other top managers more than 300 On how to promote national photovoltaic solar photovoltaic business and enterprise development in Shaanxi Province, to establish relations of cooperation were discussed extensively. It is understood that the solar PV industry in the province, from the manufacture of single crystal furnace, pulling, cutting, polishing and other links to material recycling has formed a relatively complete industrial cycle structure. Foreign participants have expressed very Optimistic about the province of the photovoltaic industry will have to join or presence.

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