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Homebred flat personage suggests to raise liquid crystal screen to import custom
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Before this, has been the sale scale of flat of beautiful China and foreign countries of “ Beijing country become 1? 9” , portion of sale of flat of foreign capital of one class market exceeds “ 70%” , the goes against homebred flat statistic data that inn of Mu of hill of Ma of “ suitable report, fertile Er bans and so on of homebred flat ” and incident appear ceaselessly.
The expert expresses, industry of Chinese color television has been in jungle at present, did not have an industry, did not have an enterprise, now is production when enterprise, businessman and relevant section make concerted effort will rescue homebred color television.

Sell give aid to card of home made product

The expert tells a reporter, the new policy that gives aid to Chinese plane shows an industry should be one includes the allowance of custom duty, finance, omnibus industry policy that produces the many sided that can plan inside, among them the adjustment of channel policy is crucial one annulus.

Industry of long rainbow multimedia group the proposal that president Guo De Xuan offerred him: The product of “ Japan and Korea enterprise cannot be entered each other in the retail channel of each other country, concerned branch can combine Chinese national condition, requirement shopkeeper gives native land brand more support; In the meantime, publish corresponding code policy, restrict the malign competition between channel, the development order of normative channel. ”

Han Qing tells general manager of center of business of TCL multimedia vice-president, China the reporter, “ looks from the channel mode of the United States, Japan, at present the brand is specialized in, he says: Want to get rich go couplet of 10 thousand have trade relations seeks supplier of high grade slipper! Numerous channel of battalion inn divide into equal parts has made market main trend gradually, from 2005 in Chinese market this one mode also begins arisen, future replaces electric equipment chain become new mainstream channel necessarily, the government can consider to publish protection measure to give aid to the existing channel of home appliance enterprise expand. ” it is reported, include TCL multimedia inside indigenous industry begins to develop “ in one class city from 2008 ” of the 3rd road, open a certain quantity of brand to experience brand shop namely, and develop a brand energetically in 34 class market advocate battalion agency, new channel pattern is in be pregnant with.

The reporter understands, also buying oneself channel property in Chinese SamSung, shanghai is in in Beijing, Suo Ni below the pine also the flagship store in him layout, they once were finished in their channel layout in Euramerican market hind, turn and abandoned once was being helped to its very big 100 think of buy etc sell, in Chinese market they are likely also old tactics repeats, in the electric equipment such as beauty of country of have the aid of chain defeats Chinese mainland after the brand, rely on its powerful brand force and channel to enclothe abandon finally electric equipment chain.
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