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Nuojiya brews channel changing will timely roll out TD mobile phone
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Be in in on upright market, china will continue to maintain driving growth, market of village of its middle peasant adds user growth newly to accelerate, into one, he says: Want to get rich go couplet of 10 thousand have trade relations searchs high gradeHandicraftSupplier! One pace extends rural market channel is Nuojiya one of working keys 2008

“2008 year one of working keys are to extend sale channel in the round. ” Nuojiya global vice-president Deng Yuan? ] accepted a few days ago " daily of the first finance and economics " when interviewing, express so. He discloses at the same time, the market is carried in 2008, china will continue to maintain driving growth, market of village of its middle peasant adds user growth newly to accelerate, extending rural market channel further is Nuojiya one of working keys 2008.

Nuojiya still plans to tried new channel to change 2008 with promoting consumer buy airframe check, future does not eliminate to try to be sold with mode of “ TV shopping ” even. Global market share amounted to Nuojiya 2007 40% , according to Nuojiya Chinese president Zhao Kelin introduces, the driving growth of middle east, Africa and Asia-Pacific market is Nuojiya's successful main factor. Among them, china continues is market of single the biggest country, contributed the global sale of 13% , sales volume of gross mobile phone achieves 70.7 million, 51 million growth than 2006 38.6% .

In competitor Motolora dejected circumstance falls, nuojiya already amounted to 35% above in market share of China 2007, sale is 6.398 billion euro, grow 19% than 2006; Exit forehead achieves 6.2 billion euro, grow 30% than 2006.

2008, nuojiya divides attention outside rural market, still hope to changing machine market to maintain the portion ” with very great “ ; The trend of shirt-sleeve terminal will be clearer; The development that is based on advertisement of shift of community of positional service, music, email, Internet to wait for a variety of services will bring business chance.

2007, nuojiya sold 200 million to take a picture in China mobile phone and mobile phone of 146 million music, and 60.5 million shirt-sleeve terminal. The market is carried in confluence, market share of Nuojiya is as high as 53% . This company predicts, to 2010, internet service market will amount to Nuojiya 100 billion euro, the company plans to sold mobile phone of 35 million GPS 2008.

The telecommunication that is about to start in the light of China recombines and 3G market, deng Yuan? ] divulge, nuojiya already had research and development on TD-SCDMA mobile phone, attending relevant test at present, nuojiya has “ intellectual property of a lot of TD-SCDMA, can be in proper when roll out TD-SCDMA product ” . He expresses at the same time, nuojiya faces 3G to already had comprehensive preparation, extend in China after WCDMA license plate, the market dominant position before Nuojiya will be depended on continues to acquire leadership position. In the meantime, on standard of 3 kinds of 3G, nuojiya wishs to become market leader of purpose.
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