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Purchase professional to need to do what kind of thinking to change now
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2006 today's purchase personnel, no matter you are in enterprise a gleam of, still be in government organization or the origanization construction of other blame profitability such as hospital, school, army, be in charge of purchasing the job, want to had done your own job, do to purchase professional competently, you need to understand: Purchase flow traditionally, from its efficiency looks, have a lot of places that are worth to improve really. For example, in mechanical manufacturing industry, the purchases charge to hold product totle drilling cost normally 55-57% of article, in electronic industry, be as high as 90 % even. Accordingly, a lot of enterprises, had used supply chain government strategy, will purchase function to try to its with when the improvement that all enters. For example, improve the relation of they and supplier. I am engaged in purchasing in foreign capital enterprise shed the job ten years with content, carry out a proof in great quantities, executive supplier relation manages, conduce to both sides sharing not only technology and reduce cost jointly, more be helpful for improving product quality and delivery speed, cooperate to expand further, offer appreciation to serve creation opportunity. And still cannot cast off clamp down on of traditional and inertial thinking up to now a little purchase personnel toughly, still think the improvement of supplier quality and date of delivery, the thing that is him supplier, do not need to purchase square help. Little imagine, commercial world is changing quickly, trend conceal of change is mixed at competing new product, new market, new science and technology, newly new constituent pattern, diffusing to work to each the level. Purchase the cost center that serves as an organization, more not exceptional. Besides, traditional viewpoint of value and thinking means, compared with the reality of nowadays world economy, had gone very far, must try to be amended in time, ability and when all is entered, ability gets used to actual society. Darwin has said survival of the fittest early, get used to metabolic species only and not be the strongest surely or the cleverest species, ability lives come down. Gentleman does not see metabolic tide, going up with human economy history, the scale that place did not see before, speed and strength, marching in a large-scale, step the whole world each markets, the market of the developing country more not exceptional. The French Revolution of no less than caused strength of a chain of economy finally changeover is same, the globalization of this one economy, also be sure to cause the revolution of our thinking means. Perhaps, of future when purchasing what the expert purchases way now in memory change, plaint all without exception the ground says, an electron is changed, of a variety of globalization, means advance side by side- do two or more things at once purchase tide, it is at the beginning of 21 centuries, swept across a whole world, urged the economy with 21 sudden centuries grows energetically. 2006 today, be our change tradition when purchasing thinking way. Is the problem this how to change? Toward what kind of direction to change? is not to want not to change. Because successful organization must be faced,change, must the bosom has the world, come to what set did not come purchase strategy from choice and change, and cannot combine with purchasing way inflexibly, will consider to suit to will supply the development of the market tomorrow. Tomorrow purchase be sure is to will be purchased inspect profit center, is cost center not just. This, when I am grooming to hundreds enterprise, emphasize again and again. And want to will purchase the profit center that inspects an organization, must purchase bring into the category that supplies catenary government. Actually, did not purchase, the relationship management that does not have a supplier, no less than is mixed without research and development like managing without client relation, the company cannot enlist today's global market to compete. Nevertheless, the word says, from the tradition purchase, new fixed position arrives effective supply chain management, not be the thing of in one day. Act too hastily, bring about the more haste,less speed that supplies chain government measure very easily and go to the reply to purchase operation traditionally, muscularity is clinking like the giant Prometheus in although we emphasize the whole world again and again nowadays,supplying catenary to resemble Greek mythology, blackart immensity. I am certain from beginning to end, purchase cost through be being reduced reasonably, will achieve company operation goal, it is a very efficient way. In fact, a lot of suppliers must be accepted purchase square cost to reduce a goal, so that continue,obtain order. I am in no less than in recent years new publication monograph " learn to supply catenary government to Woerma " (Beijing University press) what say in one book in that way. Reduce reasonably purchasing cost is a simple and feasible method, but this kind of method still did not touch truly the prime cause that purchases function difference. Other what to still have so more reasonable idea? To one has not carry out the industry that supplies chain management and supplier development completely, how is ability accomplished purchase a method than the tradition faster, more effective, more reduce cost reasonably? We know, traditional procurement cycle normally from a few considerate a few months, depend on purchase system of communication of the type of control system, product, answers speed, supplier situation to market demand, electron to wait; And in purchasing a process most of take time is price negotiation normally, reach more easily as to quality and date of delivery consistent. The last few years, as the development of computer network and IT, the B2B that passes Internet is online purchase already became to reduce those who purchase cost to settle way quickly. What online contest price can obtain 40% or so totle drilling cost normally is managing, purchase cost typically to drop extent also has 15% at least - 20% . What article purchases cost is remarkable decrease, brought the fall of company product cost directly, enhanced business market competition ability. Below, we are purchased through analysing a tradition to contemporary the example that purchases change, will show the change that purchases an idea further, will give the profit that purchases the job to bring. Some company scale is not large, calculable machine has the sign of 5 above. Want an applicant to have a budget only, he likes what kind of brand, what kind of configuration, purchase a ministry what to buy. This mirrorred this company to purchase passivity and administrative out of control, because such doing, the after service quality of the computer gets very hard assuring in the future. It is cheaper to buy a likelihood so, the pecuniary loss that can serve and maintains difference to cause was measured very hard. More and more computer purchase an activity, what purchase actually is not article itself, serve however, especially the computer such costlier equipment, change far fast the depreciation at fixed assets. This company invests such fixed assets, it is not economical actually. Because, normal service life has general computer 3 years only, ceaseless maintenance, upgrade, make accumulative total cost ceaseless rise, and the fixed assets that the country sets uses fixed number of year is 8 years. Such, the depreciation of the enterprise cannot produce effect effectively, namely the machine after 3 years may fall into disuse already completely, still can need plan carry depreciation, cause company loss very big. Additional, present company staff leaves the computer very hard, if the computer cannot work normally, can bring very big loss to the company. If data is missing, or fail to quote in time to the client and be revealed, or in be defeated as it is said, several have a problem, or experience virus and hacker attack, that loss cannot be estimated. Accordingly, had had more and more companies domestic and internationally, begin to rent the computer and server to the IT company that has actual strength, in rent period inside, offer everyday 24 hours every week support of 7 days, make sure dead machine is mixed cannot get online wait for breakdown to be able to get in time settlement. Assured the on the rails of company business so. Rent period hind, the bargainor can change the computer, provide likewise excellent service. Additional, I ten years purchase practice to tell me, had done purchase, still need to try to two following problems the reflection of development: (Does 1) purchase professional to need to control this what to kind of reflection do to purchasing quality now? (Does 2) purchase professional what to integrated quality should have now? With respect to these two problems, I want to do brief summary as follows: (Does 1) purchase professional to need to control this what to kind of reflection do to purchasing quality now? Nowadays the attention to purchasing cost purchases the China of the attention of quality over pairs greatly, nowadays product percent of pass has the China that 80 % control only, we serve as purchase professional, I suggest everybody makes following 7 big fields strongly think: 1) about identify purchase place of quality management system to need flow to reach its to use a field inside the organization, be like below 5 problems to need everybody to add frequently think: L Does the enterprise purchase quality management what to kind of control flow need? L The circumstance of the bag outside whether having do these flow organize in you? L What are the input that purchases flow and output each? L What kind of demand does the client have to purchasing? L By who should be made purchase flow? 2) about the order that purchases flow and other circuit certainly and interaction respect, be like below 4 problems to need everybody to add frequently think: L Of the enterprise overall what is purchasing flow? L Purchase flow whether is photograph of as total as the enterprise flow contradictory? L Where to purchase the interface between flow and other circuit to be in? L What to need to control a file with the quality that purchases flow photograph form a complete set? 3) about ensure purchase flow is run effectively and command criterion and methodological respect, be like below 4 problems to need everybody to add frequently think: L What is purchasing the anticipation of flow and blame to anticipate the main feature of the result? L Surveillant, what is measure and analysing the criterion that purchases flow? L Is to purchasing cost mixed hand in period have why specific provision? L Through what method to collect supplier data? 4) about the resource that purchases flow to carry out place smoothly to need for support and information field, be like below 5 problems to need everybody to add frequently think: L What purchase communication channel? L How to obtain the feedback information that purchase? L Is need collected what kind ofly to purchase information? L Is need saved what kind ofly to purchase record data? L How to gather the information of department of inside and outside that purchase effectively? 5) about measure, surveillance and analysis purchase flow respect, be like below 3 problems to need everybody to add frequently think: L Purchase the measurement with what kind of need? L How does surveillance purchase the actual performance of flow? L All sorts of statistic information that how more scientific analysis gathers? 6) about improve continuously purchase performance side, be like below 4 problems to need everybody to add frequently think: L How is ability improved purchase performance? L What measure to need to prevent purchase failure? L Whether did all sorts of precautionary measures that purchase failure already get executive? L Whether do all sorts of precautionary measures that purchase failure have practical effect really? 7) about purchase article quality to assure consultative respect, be like below 7 problems to need everybody to add frequently think: L Whether can carry guaranty qualitative agreement, put forward character to assure a requirement to the supplier, get a supplier approbate? L The proper control that whether can pass pair of suppliers and groom, will assure to purchase the character of the product? L Whether to adopt those who adopt what be a foundation in order to assure character to purchase character of put in storage of replenish onr's stock to dismiss check method? L Whether be built and to whether be built and maintain purchase character pilot written program? L Whether was qualitative system tasted to undertake examine and verify to its when choosing a vendor? L Whether to undertake those who supply capacity evaluate continuously to admissive supplier? L Whether to hold the detailed record that goods and materials examines? (Does 2) purchase professional what to integrated quality should have now? I think to purchase professional to should have following 5 great primary quality at least now: L Faithful, respect course of study, clean-fingered, just, patient, laborious (namely good moral character) ; L Cost consciousness and value analysis ability (namely financial analysis ability) ; L Calculate capacity to what market price case fluctuates (namely statistic and mathematical knowledge) ; L The expression of modest discretion and communication ability (namely good working mood and group spirit) ; L To the condition of structure of product function, cost, competition, major that replaces a product to wait for pertinent information knowledge. Want to achieve these quality, it is far insufficient that light relies on an enterprise to groom, still remain to be reformed at teaching the modernization of the orgnaization, offer practical like what supply chain management and so on course in managing kind of major especially, although the power of persons qualified to teach of this respect is at present limited, have especially it is for years as to just a little the instructor of 10 years that supplies experience of catenary actual combat is fewer. As the day of the internationalization pace of system of our country higher education beneficial is accelerated, believe to be in before long in the future, educational system is after the concussion that is learned to be not what use ” to blame sound by enterprise “ , can resemble a few college is same nowadays, begin to make public invite applications for a job to have the part-time job of actual combat experience and full-time professor to the society stage by stage. Accordingly, our enterprise, should be fostered from interior not only and promote those who have afore-mentioned quality to purchase professional, what should have newest and practical knowledge from college invite applications for a job more is graduate, come to what get used to an organization quickly purchase the job, they need to give directions slightly only can be competent the job, and need not resemble previously in that way, want the practice via several years many, just suit slowly. After invite applications for a job arrives to purchase professional suitably, come down to want much is: How to groom, incentive, assessment and management them. The invite applications for a job that purchases professional, groom, drive and assessment management, it is the foundation that purchases a success. Because purchase system and the moral character that purchase professional and skill, decided an enterprise directly purchase policy whether carry out smoothly reach the designated position. In other words, the manpower resource that purchase manages, it is the first element of company procurement control. Accordingly, in the course much way chooses ability, strict interview program, layer upon layer after guarding a pass, to purchasing personnel groom with drive, became stability to purchase team and increase the crucial segment that purchases performance.

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