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Holand AH supermarket changes supply chain
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“ supplies this word of catenary visibility ” in supplying chain management world and, he says: Want to get rich go couplet of 10 thousand have trade relations searchs high gradeGiftSupplier! Not be a modern word only merely, it had made the statement that commercial world must carry out mediumly.
Enterprise already cannot the warehouse with reinvest very old construction, at the same time inside put have much goods in stock, is for the demand of expectation consumer merely. They also cannot wait to count week and even a few months to load data the computer science department is to make demand forecast only in all, when when these forecast data to appear, likelihood already time passes and the situation has changed perhaps is mixed the actual demand of consumer already was day of poor ground not. The market has forced an enterprise to establish closer connection between product delivery and consumer demand, want to keep clear of all sorts of waste and incur loss through delay when the enterprise satisfies requirement a flow besides. The enterprise must arrange appropriate personnel, flow and technology to support this kind of strategy. Pursue the objective of contented consumer demand continuously in the change that answers the market and environment ceaselessly. The supermarket chain store with the largest Holand and top food shopkeeper Albert Heijn (AH of the following abbreviation) be about the same in Dutch fame and Woerma. AH has 100 old histories, 720 store are owned in Holand, have the convenience store of the railway station already, also have sell greatly.
Can find no way out
A variety of problem can find no way out that this company has paragraph of time to face place of Cheng of small effect filling freight flow to bring. Because lack the visibility to supplying chain, the filling money flow that the demand place that changes ceaselessly by consumer promotes often contradicts heavily. Because this AH is forced to depend on the filling goods of completely fixed deadline to plan, supply catenary visibility as a result of what lack unifinication, the demand that can rely on place only is forecasted secure filling money. The problem that creates from this is certain product had made work exhaust much day, and have some of product criterion supply exceeds demand, this damaged AH the figure in client memory. Make company brand suffers an effect greatly thereby, market share and former days not to be named on the same day with. Besides, be finished in order and of technical platform respect inefficient the it may be said of financial forms for reporting statistics to the company is an encumbrance.
But it is merely inside 18 months, AH“ carp jumps dragon door ” , not only the thing that built unifinication sheds platform (can let order finish flow automation) , and accredit at employee, let them build new visibility to the activity of consumer and supplier.
The goal that the company supplies catenary this to change is very simple: Yun of scabbard of emperor of  of  of caries of Yu of Xun Naxuan λ of  of └ of Mao of colour to instruct of  of M   already does ┦ of Qu of Hao of  of colour talk in one's sleep of  of ピ げ Pi cut  of  standing tall and upright into parts to bring up ∠ of humorous of Ling of M  Gou to warmth ablaze south Song of  Xiang of leech of Χ caries  ?
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