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Lend thing clear the letter, change the crisis to be good chance
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" brave the journey to the Northeast " ” of shop of “ Shandong food and " Qiao Jiada courtyard " “ answer name ” story tells us: Management enterprise is battle of wits fights brave it seems that, still comparing actually sincere than believing

International of the business in □ Shenzhen manages an academy to carry out decanal Yang Saizhuo

" brave the journey to the Northeast " and " Qiao Jiada courtyard " these two TV serieses, sowed head a week opens in CCTV, achieved the viewing rate that makes a person jealous in succession, even investigation shows, should arrive only every night of these two drama broadcast always, the audience that total national capital has 1/4 is watching ……

Why does so much person pay close attention to " brave the journey to the Northeast " and " Qiao Jiada courtyard " ? Someone says, the its formidable star battle array that creates group of ordinary members of theatrical troupe, actual strength, and CCTV this large platform, make these two work scored all-time success, this is on one hand. On the other hand, both masterstroke is very similar also, it is setting with the social history with Chinese clear evening, told about industry of nation of a latter-day China condense history, especially the leading role personality inside is distinct, " brave the journey to the Northeast " the Zhu Kaishan in is dare enter what dare try justice with round hero; " tall home courtyard " the Qiao Zhiyong in is know a book to amount to a ceremony, the bookman of successive tradition. Their do all one can on the career goes all out in work, captured the heart of male audience; Thrust deep into the enemy forces among them children affection grows dispute, captured the heart of woman audience again, this is not fathomless also why to meet so fire.

Had watched the audience of these two serials, to the ” of shop of “ Shandong food inside and “ answer name ” returns remain fresh in one's memory, because story plot is main,spread out around these two setting. If we stand a bit higher, stand in the angle of business management, not only can see ” of shop of “ Shandong food and “ answer name ” from do not have some to develop a process, still can see build a course to an old brand as a child. These two managers are in process of its brand construction, ever encountered a collective —— brand to be about to topple! The brand should fall, how to do? Although disposition is disparate,Zhu Kaishan and tall send commonplace, made decision is unanimous —— court lends thing clear the letter almost, not only the brand stopped, turn the crisis smoothly for good chance, be here high wisdom that shows fully, attended very good one class to construction of our company brand actually: Face up to a problem, quick response; abandons Xiaoli, take; of cardinal principles of righteousness to be being connected, general rule is old.

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