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Director: Embrace sincerely " 80 hind "
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Since cannot be changed, be about to suit actively. No matter be an environment, still be a thing, or is a person ……

Perfect motion masters English with ground of the computer, do a job with skill and ease, drive, these to the ” before “80, still belong to the category of skill and tool; And to the ” after “80, it is a kind of very natural lifestyle.

Undeniable, regard a singleton as female generation, not only parents and elder are favorite to theirs more, and they are doting to him also can one is plant, can get “ coddle him ” not self-consciously even. Then, the ” after “80 is not willing to also not be good at dominating his sentiment very much. The enduring sex extreme difference with because this is on-the-job medium field, the mood bad, work is not great, can conceal oneself mood far from. Laugh to may crying a little while a little while they, directors must be accustomed to sth, mind not strange. Because, they value their mood more, care oneself feeling more, they also are the transparent people that are not Chang Zhen fact to express him sentiment. No wonder expert evaluates the ” after the “80 nowadays, thinking and expression more beauty resembling Europe, more direct and true. Also because such, the business section that the ” after “80 often is in an enterprise more appear feel just like a fish in water, they also appear more get used to a foreign enterprise handle affairs means. And the indigenous industry of complex to having human relation, their hard to avoid will be incommensurate.

Consequently, as the director of the ” after “80, should be accepted namely above all and understand them, what should learn to admire them to be concealed none more is true. Hold the ” after treat “80 with the manner of an absolute acceptance in the arms only, just can seek ground of more effective —— of photograph prescription form actively very simple, he says: Want to get rich go couplet of 10 thousand have trade relations searchs high gradeToySupplier! Odd, if do not think the branch that lets you or enterprise resemble a home of respect for the aged, we have no alternative.

Open the heart, the ” after embrace “80 attentively.

Leave “ is homiletic”

Look in many handler, the ” after “80 basically entered an intelligence to compare simple period. They think the question is simpler, work quite by the feeling, legal to persuading gender and the acceptance with authoritative consequence to exceed authority and mandatory authoritative, this culture feature is “ the sunshine that compares be brought into the public management, pay attention to those who communicate arouse model administrative pattern offerred opportunity ” .

Whether had you ever had such experience: Giving the ” after “80 to say your young period in ground of take delight in talking about when you, say the traditional experience in the past, and when the hope gives a youth a few education, the ” after “80 appears and not quite think like that, can appear even times of a “ differred ” will respond to you. Then, how should the person of these two timeses find be mixed dot to appear particularly important.
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