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What is basic function of management?

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Science department of distinguished scholar, canal learns a Zhu Zerong to emphasize particularly: Manage even if make duty standard is changed, make manage process automation, the function that governs consequently has only, that prevents the happening of error namely.

We are with client management exemple, classics regular meeting encounters a kind of such situations, you made a telephone call to the customer service of some company, a trouble was encountered in telling about you to be used in the product, she is probable palter, tell you to be handled subsequently, but you waited very long, also do not see echo, why? She forgets early to be after the head. Administrative scientist can be aimed at this kind of process, design “ problem tracks the ” that express sheet, requirement client serves personnel, the any phone that must come in to every dozens, want to have a record, item-by-item is solved and bring into, midday of every the world 5:30, to solving ending problem, full report appears in the newspaper, the question that raises all clients with the rapiddest rate is eliminated, problem of this piece of “ tracks those who express odd ” to build created the service effect that makes a client the most satisfactory, farther, can design administrative software accordingly.

Also meet in industry encounter this kind of situation often, if be operated to pressing the order of duty standard, component does not have clamp, numerical control machine tool is when feed, can sign up for a fault, cutting tool is automatic go back, wait to do not have error certainly rear but feed. Controller people the job, find out these likelihoods to appear ceaselessly namely the problem of error, design administrative technological process and exercise standard accordingly.

But special regrettablly, without a few controller, can examine in a subtle way of guildelines, observation beforehand, the error link in be aimed at management ceaselessly has the improvement of standardization, make everything more tend more reasonable, scientific, reduce all sorts of factitious error in the round, this right controller people a kind of test, also be the duty place with an obligatory controller.

Zhu Zerong says: Without the administrator of high quality, science management cannot undertake at all, the enterprise is changed without law scope grow quickly, want to find out these error link, the method of only can be “ relapses only experimental ” . It is with test of the earliest peaceful collect cutting exemple, to find out the method that can complete the work inside the fastest time, does much faster ability consider the rotate speed of lathe appropriate? Does feed quantity just calculate much more greatly optimal? Peaceful collect spent 26 years, provided 10 experiments machine in succession, record 3 ~ 50 thousand times experiment, cut the iron and steel of weight of 800 thousand pound into drossy, expended 15 ~ in all the funds of 200 thousand dollar. According to experimental data, by mathematician Ba Sai produces an appropriative fast slide rule, use this slide rule, any lathe work, no matter whether does he know science, can decide the optimal method of cutting metal truly inside half minutes.

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