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Brand channel changes construction clothing chain is managed will become mainstr

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The current situation   that dress interlinks is the times of king in channel, the value that channel builds already was taken seriously by clothing company or battalion motion business more and more. Can say, who has channel advantage, who gained the market. But, traditional sale pattern, be like concessionary join in, self-supporting etc, below type of advanced market competition form, already lost its dominant position gradually. Cost of the carry that be like battalion tall, information not a lot of problem places such as the free, brand image that cannot manage height to unite, restricting the development of the enterprise. Below this kind of circumstance, a lot of clothing companies or battalion motion business are pondering, build pattern in order to seek a channel that fits the market and business more, will finish an enterprise to develop strength mission. These a few years, the success that waits to sell the terminal of field chain greatly as ” of “ country beautiful ” , “ Su Ning manages mode, also allow the clothing company of a person of foresight or battalion carry trade, prospective way saw in fumble. That is namely in garment industry, also execute sell a chain to manage mode greatly, the ”“ of beauty of city of chain brand “ of the industry of underwear of flagship store; that if lie fallow,the beautiful Tesibangwei of the brand amounts to 5000 square metre in Hangzhou is new sensory ” . Sell greatly with terminal in do one's best will build channel dominant position. The chain that type of “ country beautiful ” interlinks management   tradition is brand of a kind of consist in (or commodity) company and the abidance between the person that join in run cooperative concern. The company gifts the prerogative that cooperates to just manage its brand or commodity, make collaboration just obtains some area concessionary management project, next, the company uses resource advantage and experience dominant position, to the assistance of its organization, training and management, make join in square management risk is able to reduce. The person that the company also asks to join in relatively pays the price that comparative, as pay. And in home, the chain of type of ” of Su Ning of “ country beautiful ”“ , broke before definition, its sell with terminal for the brand, rely on resource advantage, gather is of all kinds commodity, with excellent service and cheap, he says: Want to get rich go couplet of 10 thousand have trade relations seeks supplier of high grade watchband! The price of cheap, will attract customer. The dominant position with this kind of the largest mode is integrated resource, reduced battalion carry cost, below same goods, same quality, its terminal sells greatly can with the price under market, firmly ground is attracting customer, make its interlinked management mode this kind to gain a success thereby. Clew: As the country the United States manages the success of mode, increasing also in garment industry use this kind of mode to build channel, extend the market then. But the pattern that every kinds of channel builds, have the one side of its advantage, also have the one side of its problem, the key is to see clothing company how accept or reject. According to the major inside a few industries the personage is forecasted, clothing chain manages the trend of a kind of mainstream that will make future. So, manage dress in order to interlink, be put in those advantages and inferior position after all. Basically be in the following respects. Resource of the 1 of advantage     that clothing chain manages, brand is complementary, product line abounds   to do those who pass dress person to know, original clothing company tastes a line prolifically greatly onefold, give priority to with female outfit like what do female outfit, do recreational give priority to in order to lie fallow, make underwear give priority to with bra, heat preservation, beautiful body. So single product line, with the formal sale of brand shop or shop, when consumer is choosing, because of the brand product line is onefold, single, the room of the choice is not big, accordingly, still existing malpractice. And use chain to sell pattern, be made up for with much brand, rich range of products, also can pull the gain capacity that raises chain store. Clothing chain appears with selling the form of field greatly, gather each are big brand, combinative men's clothing, female on product line outfit, recreational, underwear, footgear kind, so rich range of products, can let consumer reduce the time that consumes a choice and energy, that is to say, in enter this terminal to sell when field, just involve dress kind, can get satisfaction in inn of a terminal. And do not need to resemble again previously in that way, this one buys an underwear, that one buys a clothes. Additional, this kind of dimensions is managed, the cost that can reduce operator is devoted, in order to enlarge profit space. 2, the brand image   that unites highly is in with concessionary in the management mode that join in, the brand image of the enterprise and the brand image that terminal inn reflects, inaccessible unified. Because,this is, carry out in terminal in, total meeting because all sorts of reasons, bring about brand image skimble-scamble, this is built to the brand for, it is a kind of deathblow. The figure that interlinks inn appears with the brand of inn, promote the development of commodity brand image with the brand of inn. Below this kind of circumstance, the commodity brand image of the enterprise, its responsibility centre of gravity will arrive by company move on terminal body, such, the battalion use that can reduce an enterprise is devoted. And terminal inn is on the foundation of resource advantage, in countrywide each district with unified storefront figure appears, advertisement conduct propaganda also is united highly, these offerred advantageous condition to interlinking the figure of inn to model. Accordingly, in storefront of figure pull move under, amass resource dominant position, can form scope effect, drive the development of enterprise and terminal channel business. 3, make sure terminal stabilizes development   to be in show level dress management to go up, because take,often be less than goods in busy season, and make profit reduces; slow season, because of the keep long in stock of kinds or types of goods, and cause much stock, the have enough to meet need of fund of transport giving run causes difficulty, this is the issue that shows presence of level brand shop. If be managed in order to interlink mode, purchasing on, the way that purchases with concentration and scientific content flow deserve to send, will make sure kinds or types of goods reachs the designated position in time. Generally speaking, if be managed in order to interlink mode, him meeting establishs content shedding to deserve to send a center, this meeting changes busy season to take the aspect that is less than goods thoroughly, accordingly, can make sure terminal develops steadily. 4, complete   interlinks executive policy of the form appear, broke before resource repeats waste, the sort of notting have foreword, ruinous competitive situation, and sell terrace with a kind, gather all sorts of brands, undertake resource conformity, in order to concentrate advantage resource, will razzia the market. The battalion movement way of sex of sex of this kind of in a planned way, oneness, intensive, can reduce the cost that battalion carries on one hand, make product value has competitive advantage thereby. On the other hand, the management that consolidates highly, also can with least resource, image of brand of the biggest promotion that turn the land. Dress interlinks the problem   of management existence to hint: Of course, mode of any a kind of sale, not be perfect. As chain for, existing advantage, also putting a few issues in particular operation. Current chain manages existence to wear the market control personnel with many requirement of administrative difficulty big; will safeguard, the business that promotes chain store, and cause carry to make cost tall; a few second line are at present finer the brand is not willing to put his brand into chain store! In the textural difficulty of supply of goods so not small; is propped up without strong brand, deserve to send a demand to content shedding tall, inventory presses the issue such as muscularity, these problems will restrict the development that interlinks battalion transport system severely.   of difficulty of goods of 1 , group builds large terminal to sell, at present the greatest difficulty cannot organize more supply of goods namely. Especially brand of dress of a few a gleam of. The author ever talked about climate discussion to pass this kind of question with the personage inside course of study. Because of industry of dress unlike electric equipment, the cost that business of electric equipment brand establishs brand shop is too high, if not be company actual strength,too powerful case falls, general metropolis enters ”“ of Su Ning of “ country beautiful ”“ always happy ” such super oligarch terminal. And dress brand builds a brand shop, its are thrown is completely by join in come of bear, opposite for, the enterprise is management risk on very old rate impute to join in business, such, need not invest how old capital, with respect to the results that can obtain “ name and benefit ” . Accordingly, below a kind of such circumstances, dress brand can choose build brand shop oneself, and won't choose to enter what build by terminal channel business is large sell. Accordingly, absorb numerous famouser brand supply of goods, it is the biggest question that large terminal sells an existence in managing. 2, needing powerful actual strength to do the   that prop up is clothing company or business of terminal battalion motion without giving thought to, build large chain to sell, to their actual strength, it is a kind of acid test, from optional location, decorate, a lot of link such as replenish onr's stock, sale, content shedding, service, management, it is very big that its are thrown. If actual strength is not abundant, prop up hard sell the battalion of field use. Well-known, if the chain of type of “ country beautiful ” is managed, manage the growth that will achieve gain what lean with norms namely, prop up this to plant large sell the backside of field, it is giant content shedding system, information management system, purchase system of system, commodity integration analysis to wait, and build these systems, be time wanting fee, energy, material resources. Accordingly, for business of motion of battalion of channel of this pair of terminal, it is a difficult problem.

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